Let’s Play on SideDish: Guessing Games and Prizes for Comments

foodfightLast week was a very slow news week. To spice things up, I played a few games like “Guess the Best Onion Rings Restaurant ” and “What is the Worst Meal You Ever Ate.” It was so fun that we spun off a game inside the game: “Uncle Nancy’s 67th Commenter.” If a person became the 67th commenter, they got a prize. Why 67? As my mom used to say, “Because.”

However, like in all games, somebody broke the rules. Chef Brian Luscher of The Grape posted 11 times straight to hit 67 and then expected to win. Obviously fame has gone to his (beat, beat) head. I scolded him in the thread. He feels so bad he offers this as an apology:

Tio Nancy,
You wrote: “Luscher, out of the game. To the showers. Disqualified. Call Pat Sharpe and have her take you to Wingfield’s. Best Burger? Make onion rings like these and we’ll talk.”

Ouch. Please forgive my double espresso fueled bout of mid- Restaurant Week buffoon-ery.  I hope I didn’t ruin your tea party.  Here is what I propose to remain in the good graces of you and your constituency of SideDish Nationales;

1. I will make you those exact onion rings. [it’s a secret how I will pull it off]
2. I am inviting you and your “Be the 67th Commenter” winners in for burgers and said onion rings.
3. I will provide 10 gift certificates for burgers at The Grape for the next ten commenters.

Yow. Zah. HERE ARE THE RULES. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post a question designed to attract a zillion comments. Each time a person becomes the 67th commenter, they will be eligible for special dinner at The Grape. [So far, we have three “Uncle Nancy’s 67th Commenter” winners:  Sexy Jeff (Worst Meal), Brad (Onion rings), and George (Best Meal).]

To get warmed up, get goin’ on Luscher’s deal. The first ten commenters today get gift certificates to The Grape.


  • tx2step

    I would LOVE to sample the Best Burger in Texas!

  • elena34

    I am the first commenter today. Do I get to try one of those world famous burgers at the Grape?

  • kYle

    Classy of him to apologize.

  • Ash

    Burger please!

  • melody

    Been thinking about those onion rings ever since you first put up that picture! Would Love, Love, Love to have them accompany the best burger in Texas!

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Oh, hells to the yeah!

  • cd

    Wine? Check. Best Burgers in Texas? Check. Check. Do they supply a date?

  • MaggieP

    We love Chef Brian’s hmemade duck confit!

  • Chuck

    I like burgers

  • Erik

    MMM Burger

  • Emily Hall

    Burgers- TWISTED ROOT!!!

  • But do we get onion rings with the gift certificates?

  • Jon from tjs

    I’m walking distance

  • CC

    so close, yet so far…

  • natalie

    Burger, please!! Yum! I think I’m number 10?

  • Argh. Me and my obsessive-compulsive need to spell things correctly.

  • Leah

    I am dying to try the infamous burger at The Grape!

  • Jon from tjs

    Next 3 commenters get free lb shrimp from Tjs. Texas monthly “best shrimp in Dallas is a decent consolation prize right?

  • wendy

    I need to try that burger….now! please and thank you!

  • m

    Ugh. Of all the days to be busy at work.

  • Emily Hall

    yum love shrimp

  • Angeldogjo

    I love burgers and shrimp!!

  • Chuck

    I like shrimp

  • Jon from tjs

    Wendy, m, Emily hall.. Angeldogjo too

    email me [email protected]

  • Always a day late and a dollar short. Crap!

  • Sander

    I lost count. Have we hit 67 yet?

  • We have a way to go for another free burger…

  • Grumpy

    Hamburger Now!

  • Scagnetti

    I like scotch…

  • Dang, I stop checking the site for a couple of hours and then this happens!

  • luniz

    oh Nancy. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.

  • Duncan

    so mainly to advocate numerical accuracy, can we have a recount on “best meal?” I get George at 62 not 67 …

  • Craig

    Haven’t been to The Grape in a year or so; am curious, though, if they are enjoying their designation as the Hot Burger Joint, or if they’d just as soon kept their status as Eclectic Lil’ Joint on Greenvile.

  • StephTX

    I want totry that burger

  • StephTX

    Errrr…. I want to try that burger
    I can’t type well this morning.

  • Scagnetti

    What’s next in the blog promotion scheme, post counts?

  • plainbrew

    I don’t have time for these games…but I’m sooooo gonna play. Thanks NN.

  • Nina

    yea! i think i’ll play too. i love free stuff!

  • Katy

    Neither tenth, or 67th, but eating a burger at the Grape makes me feel like a winner. (But only on Sunday and Monday — 🙂 High Five to you Brian for manning up with an apology. Can you infect some other men with your manners? Pretty Please?

  • rob

    I am surprised people would rather eat a burger than Chef Luscher’s Best Ribeye in Texas awarded by the 6th Annual Texas Steak Cookoff and Beef Symposium in Hico – http://www.texassteakcookoff.com

  • @ Craig Honestly, the whole burger thing caught us off guard. We didn’t enter any contests, I just put a burger on our brunch menu a little over a year ago so that I could have a burger, the way I like it, on my day off. Needless to say, I no longer have Sundays off. A good problem to have. We expanded the availablity of the burger to Sunday & Monday nights, our two slowest nights. We are still the “eclectic lil’ joint on greenville.” That’s what’s gotten us here and that is the experience we are committed to maintaining. That is why we only expanded the offering from brunch to include sun/mon pm and not the remainder of the week. The Grape is still The Grape, we are just having some fun [and pulling out our hair] with this crazy opportunity that we have been afforded.

  • Sexy Jeff

    My heart is filled with so much joy right now….I thought you forgot about me Nancy.

  • Awe, he didn’t have anything to apologize for! Just a bit of fun, I’d say. I’m having one of those burgers soon. (Even if I do have to pay for it!)

  • Bad_Ike

    I’ve created a Nancyburger.

  • Would gladly pay full price for one of those burgers.