Dishers Are Funny: Worst Meal in Dallas Stories Rock

I read the thread under the “What is the Worst Meal You Ever Ate in Dallas Restaurant” post last night and laughed for hours. We could print it out and use it as a script for a reality TV show. (Gene, call me.) Anywhoo, there are three posts that stick out as the best. Here are snippets of them:

MP on the Old Monk: “One night a few years ago, I met a redhead at the Old Monk. She was saucy…though I was completely sauced. I invited her to my apartment to watch David Letterman’s monologue…She wasn’t so saucy the next morning. So I took here somewhere I thought was safe. I think it is called the Garden Cafe…”

Amanda on the old  Flip’s on Ross Ave.: “..the food critic from the DMN came in to eat…and review. His waitress, a heroin addict (who later died of an OD), served him a 3 course meal…”

Jay Jerrier on Mi Cocina in Watters Creek: Bartender charged my 6 yr old daughter $1.50 for 5 maraschino cherries. He actually gave her a printed bill.

Great stuff, people. Thanks for sharing.


  • texaskatey

    What we want to know now is how dinner went with commenter #67?

  • they stood me up.

  • texaskatey

    I’m shocked! If I were ever so lucky to get an invitation (of COURSE that’s a hint!), I’d figure out a way to make it work!

  • JD

    Why does that not surprise me about Mi Cocina? Oh wait, jalapeno and cilantro come to mind . . .

  • To Mi Cocina’s credit – I just got a Facebook message from the CFO apologizing for the incident. Nice of him to reach out.

  • City Girl

    That doesn’t surprise me about Mi Cocina either.

  • Cissy Schuttee

    I was out of town when this came out — how fun!

    My worst — my husband and I at a well-known small romantic restaurant on Valentine’s Day, clearly packing in way more tables than they could manage. Appetizer course, advertised as an exotic ravioli, looked like Chef Boy’ar’Dee. We groused, and the waiter leaned down close to whisper “get out while you can”.

    We’ve never attempted dining out on V Day since!