Dallas Wins Big Cheese Awards At 25th Annual American Cheese Society Competition In Austin

acswinnersmallPaula Lambert of Dallas’ Mozzarella Company is in Austin for the 25th Annual The American Cheese Society Conference and Competition. Last night was the international competition. Here’s a text from Paula:

We had BIG Dallas winners last night! Anne Jones from Latte Da won 1st for marinated Feta, Edgar Diaz (Lucky Layla) won 1st for plain drinkable yogurt, 2nd place for flavor-added cultured product (Tropical Passion Fruit Drinkable yogurt), 2nd for their Yogurt cheese, and 2nd place for Boyaca, AND we (Mozzarella Company) won 1st for Queso Oaxaca and 2nd for Queso Blanco with Chiles and Epazote!!!

Here is a breakdown of the results:

Out of 314 ribbons awarded, the state of Wisconsin scored the most ribbons with 92, California came in second with 45, cheesemakers in the state of Vermont captured 32 ribbons. More than 700 attended this year’s conference, participating in educational seminars on subjects from cheesemaking to the art of maturing cheese.

I haven’t received the complete rundown of winners, but will add to this post ASAP.


  • Worzel Gummidge

    No prize for Lucky Layla’s drinkable Banana yogurt? Get a rope…