Dallas-Based Falcon Restaurant Advisors Will Open New Restaurants In Dallas And Texas

Hold on to your effin hat—the Dallas-based Company, Falcon Restaurant Advisers, has  signed deals to open new restaurants in Dallas and the rest of the world. Hear them roar:

Despite news reports of a downturn in commercial real estate, Falcon Companies  group Falcon Restaurant Advisors is gearing up for growth in 2009 with the announcement of several new clients.  The company has new agreements with six national restaurant chains to help them find new locations in Texas and across the country.

Brick House Tavern + Tap – Brick House Tavern + Tap is a casual lounge like gastropub atmosphere.  Falcon will be representing the organization in major Texas markets including Dallas / Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio

Celebrity Ventures – Sports-oriented restaurant with a gender neutral design, each restaurant is partnered and named after a different local, sports hero. In Dallas, the concept will be focused around Dallas Cowboy’s star Emmitt Smith.

Joe’s Crab Shack – Joe’s has more than 120 locations in 28 states across the United States.  It is one of the largest, most-successful seafood restaurant chains in the country.  Falcon will be representing Joe’s in major Texas markets including Dallas / Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.

Mariano’s and La Hacienda Ranch – Birthplace of the frozen margarita machine, Falcon will be working with the popular Mexican restaurants featuring fine Mexican Cuisine and Mesquite grilled steaks in Dallas / Fort Worth.  The company prefers suburban areas and to buy their own land.

Smashburger – The new “Better Burger” concept, designed to deliver great tasting burgers and sides in a hip, modern environment, quickly and conveniently.  Falcon Restaurant Advisors will be representing them in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and other select markets in Texas and Oklahoma.

WHAT? No In-N-Out?


  • Glenn Campbell

    In N Out is ok I guess. Ive never understood what the big deal is though.

  • Twinwillow

    Joe’s Crab Shack? Hah! That’s a joke. The worst food I ever ate in Dallas! And I mean, the worst!

  • Jason

    Joe’s is pretty bad… However, La Hacienda is greatness!!! I know they like to own their own property- but I think an Uptown or Downtown location would be awesome. I could even see them being a good fit for the new Convention Hotel.

  • Billusa99

    Just when we *really* need a good Marsala place, all we get instead is “same old, same old.”

  • Yawn.

  • Chris

    In N Out is overrated. Everyone on the west coast rates it so high because they have zero good burger joints.

  • Bad_Ike

    The Falcon folks, obviously, are aiming for the “stupid and no taste” demographics. How else would you justify calling Brick House either lounge or gastropub? Real gastropubs don’t rely on “BH Girls” as the main draw. And have you seen the Brick House building in Houston? Perhaps BH will buy its own land, too, because, if I were landlord, I’d bulldoze any building that ugly, built on my land.

    It’s a good thing they’re tackling that restaurant “gender neutrality” issue, too. Sigh, finally, no more suffering in silence, crying out in isolation for the uncounted dozen….I mean, who knew that either gender avoided restaurants because of this?

    Apply that to BH?

    Smashburger, of course, is Fuddrucker’s redux, but, when done correctly, the smashfries and veggie frites can be interesting. BTW, I’d like to b*tchslap whoever dreamed up that abomination “wild boar” burger for Fudd’s, then publicly cane, Malay-style, the product management folks who allowed it to come to market.

    Ditto the Falcon PR geniuses who have yet to figure out that it’s the Dallas (Arlington) CowboyS. As in, plural. It’s a team sport, you see.

    @Chris: In N Out may indeed be overrated, but your justification is just ignorant and smacks of equally nescient bias.

  • Foodbevlaw

    Great, another gastropub that isn’t.

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