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Tipperary Inn Will Close On Saturday


Well this week is starting out with a bummer: “The Tipp” will close on Saturday, May 16. Ding dang, that is going to make moving our offices downtown even harder. Here is the official announcement:

Dear Friends of the Tipperary:

It is with heavy heart that I announce the closing of “theTipp” this Saturday, May 16th.
I very much would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of the wonderful customers, groups, associations and musical talent we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with these past five years. As you all know, the Tipp has been my family run business and many of you have gotten to know not only myself, but that of my wife Ellen, daughter Beth and granddaughter Meghan who have been regular fixtures at the pub.

Due to the downturn in the economy with declines in sales and an unsuccessful lease renegotiation, we have decided to close our doors. These past five years have been a great experience for us. We have met and have special relationships with so many wonderful people here – we will greatly miss you all.  We will certainly treasure many of the memories and special occasions that we have hosted at the pub.

We will finish up the week with our normal schedule of events including Monday Karaoke, Tuesday Trivia, Wednesday Poker, Friday night with Paddy Gone Wild and Saturday host The  Trinity River Whalers CD release party. We hope to see you this week here at the Tipp.

Tim (& Ellen Russi)
The Tipperary Inn
5815 Live Oak Street

So I have a question. Why would any landlord let a tennant go at this point in the economy? I know every case is different but I keep hearing “unsuccessful lease renegotiation” a lot lately. Another bank perhaps?