• DesignBoy

    I don’t know which makes my head hurt worse: the crappy web site or the phrase “an egg-ceptional opportunity.” Still, I do love me some breakfast.

  • Laura

    The name alone is pretty gross too.

  • Laura

    Oh, and hey, Nancy, don’t you mean EGGGGGGS-CITING?

  • NC

    if you live in Lake Highlands, Casa Linda or Forest Hills, you won’t care about the logo, name or design. none of those things are nearly as gross as the questionable Barbec’s or overpriced Cafe Lago (although the food’s ok).

    I am excited about it and my boss knows the owners and they seem like honorable people. Can’t wait to try it!! We need more decent restaurants in our area.

  • pjohnson

    Why is Barbec’s questionable?

  • Barbec’s doesn’t do much for me. If I was staying in the country and that was all there was to eat, I’d be glad for it. But, it ain’t a thang.

    I’m glad this place is opening. I like Bonnie Ruth’s, but it is sooo small. Most of our choices in Casa Linda are so bad I never go, though we’re close enough to walk there. I’m at least hopeful that this might actually be good. I can hope, right?

  • Scott S

    I have been going to the one in Destin, FL for years. It is really good. Reminds me a little of the menu at Benedict’s in Addison.

  • grrgle

    Somebody should have told them that Le Peep, another half-assed breakfast franchise, broke this ground and resoundingly bombed. Casa Linda is such as sad place, and it has been limping along for so long, and I can’t imagine that these people’s experience there will be any different from Le Peep’s. I don’t think CL will ever come back unless the neighborhood gentrifies enough to support a sort of Snider Plaza East. Wouldn’t that be cool.

    Barbec’s is questionable because it sucks, but so many people are in love with the IDEA of Barbec’s that they pretend you can get a decent meal there. Beer biscuits my ass.

    Oh and finally, BLACKBERRY GRITS? Are they out of their minds?

  • kmb

    with respect to barbec’s, is it just me, or have they gotten significantly worse over the past three years?  My husband and I used to love going (although, as grrgle says, it’s highly possible that we were just in love with the idea of it) but after a few questionable (meaning quality of the food) meals, we stopped going.  Shame, too, as we live right down the road.  Here’s wishing the new restaurant (and the revamped Casa Linda) success!

  • OldDallasNative

    First off, Casa Linda is not a sad place, Secondly it is a sleeper community of well heeled, highly educated folk who do not get caught up in the saga of Dallas B.S. Society. So There, We love The Lake Highland Wildcats and The Bryan Adams Belles and least not forgotten Woodrow Wilson and its two Heismann Trophy winners and i could go on for days…and the best damn Starbucks around!!!

  • in vain
  • I have to agree that Casa Linda is sad. We all wish it wasn’t. But, despite the new coat of pain, my hopes are not high. It’s been lame forever. I don’t think paint can change that. Or those funky little towers they’re adding on the corners of the buildings. Whatever. The saga of Dallas B.S. Society? Right. I’d just be happy with a decent bar.

  • grrgle

    @ ODN, I didn’t mean to say that the CL neighborhood is sad but it came out that way. I love the hood, even LFH with all the hippies and yuppies in those crumbling little houses. CL Estates is awesome. Outer Casa Linda is also very cool, even past Peavy for a ways. But yeah, the Casa Linda Shopping Center is way sad, like Radiator Springs in Cars. I would love love love to see it come back but big-box retail has made little strip malls like that just impossible in such a low-density area.

  • Ok, as someone who moved into LFH about 5 years ago…I about peed my pants when I saw a new breakfast restaurant opening up in CL! Seriously folks…(I’m NC’s boss, as mentioned above…we both live over there). We really need some new options in our hood! Yes I know the owners, they are good people and also live in the area. Local business run by locals. It’s always a good thing. Let’s wish them the very best. We need them! Btw, they are hiring right now and from what they’ve told me they plan to pay well…another good thing for the locals.

    Barbecs is terrible. Plain and simple. And I have to say, the menu at ABE looks good…real good. Even a few good meat-free options for us veggies. CL and LFH are FILLED with people like those OldDallasNative describes above. I’m one of em’. The neighborhoods surrounding the shopping center are more than able to support higher end shopping…we just haven’t had anything there worth spending our money on! It’s been a slow process, but we’re all hoping the new revamp of the CL shopping center will bring better restaurants and new business of all kinds.

    Cafe Lago is kind of the only option over there for a vegetarian like me. Most of the food is good, but the owner/manager is belligerent and the service is terrible. Not that the kids that serve you aren’t nice…it’s just not well managed, especially for the price. I pretty much only go for the corn pudding…which is awesome.

    YAY for breakfast!!! Can’t wait for them to open and try the veggie eggs Benedict. Feb 9th or so I think.

  • Tartare

    What about Frankie’s

  • Cellarmaster

    I had the luxury of spending last summer in Sandestin, Fl where I ate at the “Egg” almost every day. Great cooking with a southern charm! I’d move to East Dallas fast! We would need to bring “Aimee” from the FL location though. Don’t miss the Bananas Foster French toast! Decadent! Bring em on!

  • Connie

    I was able to eat at Another Broken Egg on Saturday for a little pre-opening event. I thought the food was wonderful, as did my dining companions.

    They have a great menu and offer mimosas, champagne and bloody marys’, as well as community coffee which I adore.

    I know both of the owners and they are great guys. I hope you will check it out!

  • clindac

    I will NEVER go to Another broken franchise/ egg again! The food is over priced and that idiot from the coffee shop works there. I don’t go to coffee shop he works at either. Who the hell would give this guy money to run a franchise?

  • sue

    I agree. I left with a headache. It was like a bad trip.

  • J.

    clindac, He is not at the coffee shop anymore. Thank God!

  • Fit4Life

    Go Barbecs!
    Leslie sounds like she invested in this franchise.

  • LFHer

    I’ve quit going to Cafe Lago because of Gaby, the owner. She should have learned from her ex-husband Franki how to be a good host. I’ve asked many people their opinion of Cafe Lago, and everyone seems to have negative experiences because of Gaby.

  • NvestR

    I hated the place. Over priced franchise out of FL. The food is typical… we must have paid for the extra salt. Better food at Whole Foods!