N9NE Steakhouse Announces a New Chef

Chef Tommy Simpson is the new executive chef of N9NE Steakhouse. He replaces…um, I don’t know. Anywhoo, Chef Simpson has been at N9NE for three years so this sounds like a big promotion for him. Way to go, Tommy. Promotions are good for the economy. Spend all of your extra cash on subscriptions to D Magazine.


  • MillPill

    Chris Conlon was the executive chef before Tommy. Word is Chris got a promotion and is moving to Aspen to run some new places N9NE Partner, Scott Degraff is opening.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I thought Chris left a while ago…but thanks, nn

  • Grumpy

    Low to mediocre food IMO. Loud. Obnoxious. Over-priced by an order of magnitude; even in a good economy. The next meaningful post on this restaurant will be it’s closing. Trust me, it will happen. Accepting wagers.

  • Gern

    Too bad he has to work for an empty restaurant. I feed more mouths in a week at my house than covers in N9NE.

    Grumpy…how many weeks they got left?

  • Stu E.

    Congrats Tommy! As someone who has put in his dues in some of the best restaurants in Dallas, this is well deserved. I’ll take that bet, Grumpy, judging from the huge crowds that were there last weekend when I was there. Great vibe, energy, service, and food in the restaurant to forget the difficult times everyone is having. Congrats again Tommy! See you soon!

  • First off, I’ll say that I’ve stopped waiting for the day that you all have something better to do than kick around uninformed theories on our company and more than a few top-notch employees which most restaurants would love to have working for them. Apparently, you’re just territorial enough to forego research, as well as, basic integrity – presumably, all in the name of making yourselves feel more important.

    Chris Conlon was promoted to another top-notch restaurant city named Aspen, Colorado. No slouch there. And yes – when you move across the country you tend to plan that trip so it took a few weeks for the transition and announcement to take place.

    In the meantime, Dallas veteran Tommy Simpson (The Mansion, Nobu, Zaza) was indeed PROMOTED. Last time time I checked, when a sous chef moves to Executive Chef, overseeing all restaurant and banquet kitchens for N9NE and ghostbar, it is called a PROMOTION. For the record, and a simple fact that any of you could have researched Tommy Simpson has been with this company less two years, not three, and is probably as pleased as any of you would be that, at N9NE Group, we often promote from within.

    More specifically – Gern – the next time you serve 410 covers as we did last Saturday night, I’d like to talk to you about the valet contract out in front of your house. Maybe negotiate a piece of your coat check biz too, if that’s cool with you. I’d like to know what could possibly qualify less as an “empty restaurant” than the record setting December weekend we just had.

    Grumpy. Well, we’ll just let your user name do the talking. Clearly you have plenty of your own reasons to not come to N9NE Steak House. Works for me. Works for our prized staff. Probably works pretty well for those who might have been seated in the booth next to you, as well, since after all – you’re Grumpy. Your words. Not mine.

    Why do I say this?

    Because it’s called the hospitality business.


    That age-old tradition of being hospitable is extended even to our competitors, naysayers and harshest critics.

    At N9NE Group, our family legacy is a constant reminder to uphold the generations of values and standards we’ve been taught over the decades. Even in the face of criticism we understand the commitment to keeping our chin up as we deliver our brand of top notch products and service.

    We don’t plan on stopping that tradition any time soon.

    So, for the readers of this blog, I would challenge you to come in and make up your own mind. And if you don’t see eye-to-eye with our take on great food, then it’s not the end of the world. It’s still just a restaurant – not national politics. Surely, there’s more important things to be so upset about.

    I would be willing to make one wager today though, Grumpy.

    Most all of them will love it – as they do in Chicago, Las Vegas and even it this great city of Dallas.

    Best for now,

    Wade Randolph Hampton
    Director of Marketing
    N9NE Group Dallas


    I would like to say Congrats to Chef Tommy Simpson ! Anyone who has been around him for 5 minutes or has eaten his food, knows the extent of his passion for his industry. If you know anything about the restaurant industry you know that only the passionate ones survive in this business. I have a question for Grumpy & Gern. Have you ever been to N9NE Steakhouse? I eat a N9NE on a regular basis and it is always wonderful and consistent. I have eaten at many of the best restaurants our country has and have always been more than pleased at N9NE. N9NE Group has been a company who has always offered innovative restaurants, nighclubs, and lounges. Sometimes the “normal” folk don’t always get it. Grumpy & Gern, don’t blame your close minded attitudes on N9NE Steakhouse. N9NE always has an amazing staff, the food is always delicious, and the managers and chefs should be applauded! N9NE Steakhouse is a wonderful restaurant and I will take that wager Grumpy and I bet I win.

  • selbonk

    Congrats Tommy! You totally deserve kudos for all your hard work. I have never been to N9NE when it wasn’t completely packed with happy people enjoying the atmosphere. The food is amazing and the staff is to be commended. I recommend the restaurant often and have never had anyone tell me anything other than they were very impressed and will go back again. Chef Simpson takes great pride in his work and you can definitely tell. Thank you for all you do! See you soon!!

  • Nancy Nichols

    Unattributed quote from press release I got yesterday:

    “Chef Simpson has been with N9NE for the past three years and has proven to be an excellent chef with a great passion for food and the city of Dallas. N9NE Group is proud to have Chef Simpson as the executive chef and are excited to see the new ideas he will bring to the restaurant.”

  • Todd P.

    Wade Randolph Hampton, Were you also director of marketing for NOVE? Nice work.

  • Steven

    Yes, Mr. Hampton was indeed the director of marketing for Nove Italiano. Simpson is a real winner. Rumor has it that he assaulted a former employee during his tenure at N9NE, resulting in a rather sizable out of court settlement. Rumor also has it that the company has randomly drug tested everyone who works there–and randomly not included Simpson. He’s got passion alright, and not just for the restaurant industry. As for the 400+ covers Mr. Hampton refers to…well, there was a private party that night. A rather large one, in fact. If you really want to know how good business is, just look at the historical TABC reports for liquor sales. It’s public information.