Free Milk as Central Market

Can we all just agree that “free” is our favorite new f-word. So, WTF? (What’s the freebie?) A gallon of Central Market’s organic milk with a $30 purchase. Okay, it’s kinda free, but I can hit $30, the new $5, easy just by loading up my weekend meals at Kit Kitchen. I’m sorry, I promise I am not shilling for CM but I love this corner of the produce section where you choose a recipe and the ingredients are all there waiting in correct porportions. Today, I am heading over to hit the guacamole bar, grab a bag of fresh bird stuffings from Generation Farms in Rice,Texas, and claim my milk. Tonight, I’m going to build a fire, sip a glass of Beajoulais Nouveau, and curl up with an interesting book.


  • I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with a gallon of milk. I never buy milk unless it’s for a recipe.