Bolsa is Boffo

Last week I had the pleasure of crossing the river to check out Bolsa, near Bishop Arts (first mentioned on SD here). Chef Graham Dodds prepared some of the best gnocchi I’ve had, and the obliging bar staff let me test the watermelon margarita, two different sangrias (raspberry and peach, both pictured), and a blueberry mojito (pictured), all of which made the return trip over the bridge kind of a blur. (Just kidding, folks. I said “test” not guzzle.) Anyway, there will be a new seasonal drink on the menu soon, so I suggest stopping by to test it out for yourselves.


  • Todd

    Agreed, Sly. Bolsa is one of my new favorites. Best bruschetta in town hands down. And the patio is fantastic.

  • Chris Jeffers used to mix up Sangria at Samba Room and Mignon…worth a trip to sunny South Dallas just to try the Sangria. The bruschetta with marscapone goat cheese is phenomenal.

  • This place is on my short list. With the fall weather approaching the patio sounds like a great place to chill out!

  • JS

    I guess this technically is not a review, but I do have a question (BTW, this is not meant to be an attack or shot at anyone’s credibility, just my own curiosity about how these things work). Do you identify yourself as a D Mag employee on visits like this one? Now, I certainly would be inclined to ply you with many free drinks, but I suspect most bartenders would not provide just anyone with 4 free drinks for “testing” purposes. Can you provide us with some insight as to how one of these visits typically goes? Thanks!

  • Max

    I went once, and will go again after they go through their ‘opening growing pains’. The day we went, lots of staff standing around visiting with eachother and service was painfully SLOW.

    However, the food was excellent, hence the second future visit!

  • Lee

    Great new place, especially for those of down in NOC. The peach sangria is addictive, and the food is all fresh and light. The patio will become the hangout this fall. Two complaints: they use little ice chips which fill up the glasses and make the glasses of Sangria less fulfilling and they need to figure out the service. Everyone is friendly, but there is a lot of standing around and the pace of service is very European (yeah – slow as hell). I am not sure what is going on in the kitchen, but they either need to work this out or else market it as part of the experience. The servers also need to be more attentive. But, still, we will be at this place — a lot, unless things get worse.

  • brian

    so where any of the drinks good?

  • The Liquide Chef

    I hate to say it but the blueberry mojito is so yesterday…

  • The Liquide Chef

    I hear you have a good following…congrats…need help on cocktails contact me!

  • Roger

    Please DO NOT contact the Liquide Chef…her drinks and personaltiy are no more creative than the comment on the blueberry mojito. I LOVE Bolsa and their drinks.

  • Nate

    Plus there’s a local bartender who actually owns the patent or copyright on the Bacardi blueberry mojito. She developed that 5 years ago or so, and since then, she’s created even better cocktails. Yet, people still were asking for those cocktails. “So yesterday?” Nah, depends on who makes the cocktail.

  • The Liquide Chef

    Roger Roger…

  • MMixologist

    anyone want to try molecular mixology twist on this can contact me. New menus will be popping up in a few new venues across Dallas this November….