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26 responses to “In-N-Out Burger to Texas?”

  1. amandacobra says:

    Ikea? Check. In-n-Out? Check-ish.

    You know what this means, right? H&M. Please make the retail fairy bring us an H&M.

  2. AS says:

    While traveling across the midwest, we ate several times at a chain called Culver’s (home of the ButterBurger). They had many options besides burgers, mostly made-to-order, counter service w/food delivered by a runner. Hope they come to Dallas,

  3. mm says:

    There’s a Culvers in McKinney, and another in Rockwall. And you’re right, it’s awesome.

  4. Andrew says:

    I was wildly underwhelmed after eating my first In-N-Out burger. Talk about West Coast hype.

  5. Daniel says:

    In n Out = overrated.

    Whataburger = much better.

    The best thing about In n Out is their “secret menu,” which I used to know, but now I do not. The phrase “animal style” was involved, which is kind of strange since one of the key things that differentiates us from animals is our sense of style — they have none. There is no “animal style,” they merely scratch, grunt, hump and poop like the beasts they’re paid to be. We do these things while wearing a wristwatch.

    In this case, I think it meant what most people would call “Coney Island style” — chili, cheese and onions. Brilliant marketing; word-of-mouth viral with brand-buildingly surfer-ish nomenclature. Still not as good as Whataburger, though.

  6. amandacobra says:

    @ Andrew and Daniel

    Whataburger could wipe the floor with In-n-Out any day of the week. But in case we do end up with one, study up:

    <A HREF=””In-n-Out Secret Menu

  7. Daniel says:

    Thanks, Amanda C. — but I’m getting a 404 message. It used to be on wikipedia, but has been “scrubbed” there, as well.

  8. JB says:

    Whataburger is far better than In-and-Outn and I certainly won’t dine at burger joint named for sex instructions either.

    I do wish the West Coast would bring a Trader Joes here though.

  9. amandacobra says:

    Sorry for my Friday tech ineptitude. If and when we get a Trader Joes, Two Buck Chuck will be to blame, not carelessness.

  10. Daniel says:

    Actually, my tech ineptitude, since I included part of the html code when I cut’n’pasted.

    In n Out is doomed in Texas.

  11. Topham Beauclerk says:

    I don’t agree about In-and-Out vs. Whataburger, but tastes differ. But I am on board with JB in hoping Trader Joe’s is headed this direction soon too. Who’d care about tech ineptitude if we TJ were in town?

  12. Amy A says:

    How about an In & Out, a Trader Joes, and an H&M? While we’re at it…I kinda miss the old Del Taco that was on Beltline at Preston back in the day…

  13. wamom says:

    In-n-out would be ok, but I would love a Trader Joes as well. I have written several letters to the corp. office, but have not gotten a favorable response. I will be taking a road trip in Sept. and plan to load my car down with Trader Joes stuff!

  14. amanda says:

    Yeah, that’s what we need…In n Out, H & M, and Trader Joe’s. Then we can ALL have the same stores in our mini malls.

  15. yikesdallas says:

    I believe H&M is scheduled to go into the new shopping center being built across from North Park. I would love to see an in & Out, and after recent trips to California, I’ve gotten hooked on Del Taco also! Right now, my biggest cravings are for Shake Shack from NYC and Pinkberry. These new yogurt clones in Dallas don’t compare.

  16. Tim says:

    Typical to where you grew up. I grew up in Southern California and am proud to now call myself Texan, but to me, Whataburger is absolutely NO comparison to In & Out. Sonic is closer, but still no cigar.

    I guess it’s like mom’s cooking. It’s the best in the world to you, but others might not feel the same way.

  17. Bill Marvel says:

    Yeah, Yeah,
    We all thought, if Dallas could only get Krispy Kreme, life would be perfect. Then it was Steak ‘n Shake. Then Krystal Burgers.
    How soon we forget.

  18. NC says:

    since we’re wishing for stores. I wish for a Terrain

    It’s the only place I’d quit my job for.

  19. Twisted Dog says:

    Will the nurse on duty please lead Bill Marvel away from the computer?

  20. brett says:

    Let’s do get white castle while we’re at it. That way, Neil Patrick Harris will have a place to stop in between the hookers and nose candy.

  21. SEGoat says:

    I don’t understand the love for What a Burger. I live in Texas, have eaten their often, and their burgers are about as boring as any other fast food or burger joint. Culvers buttered burgers? Buttered bread big whoop. I don’t know why but I find In-n-Out SO MUCH BETTER than these others. Not to mention the fresh cut fries are miles above the rest. So there’s my two cents.

  22. Dan says:

    i’ve lived in so cal (O.C.) all the way until i was 18 and then moved to the dallas area..without a doubt in-n-out is way better than any burger restaurant i have tried here. believe me i’ve tried them all just trying to get something close to a double-double and still nothing. I go back to cali twice a year and the first place i go when i get off the plane is in-n-out. I know they are a privately owned chain, but i don’t know why they don’t expand further east. they would be 10x bigger than mcdonald’s and would increase their revenue by about 60% so in my opinion i don’t know why they don’t expand. and by the way i could shit inside an in-n-out burger and it would taste better than whataburger.

  23. awesomeguy says:

    Hey Dan,
    I’m not sure exact what you fancy in your food, but if it’s true when you say that you “could **** inside an in-n-out burger and it would taste better than whataburger,” then you have a sick sense of taste. But, that’s just my opinion.

  24. Thomas says:

    In-n-out is the best, above all rest. Grew up eating there. Now I live here in texas. I still think when you get it right there’s no comparison,and in-n-out has got it right.