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Dear Tomato, It’s Been Too Long

By Kristin Hart |

Now that the FDA has cracked the case on what most likely caused the salmonella outbreak (thanks a lot peppers), tomatoes all over the world are rejoicing. Okay, maybe not, but tomato farmers sure are. In celebration of the return of the tomato, Whole Foods is throwing a party on Saturday, August 9 from 2 to 4 pm. Every Dallas store will be serving up tomato dishes and sampling wines that are part of Whole Foods’ “Top Ten Wines of Summer.” The peak of tomato season is upon us, so what better time to welcome these delicious fruits back into our lives. Update: Below is a statement from Whole Foods about the recent events and what they are doing to help.

Since the government announced it was investigating tomatoes as a possible source of salmonella, the nation’s tomato industry estimates it has lost more than $100 million. Whole Foods Market is committed to supporting all farmers and hopes to help reinvigorate the tomato farming industry and celebrate the flavor of summer tomatoes at the same time.