Pipsqueak Events Creates Birthday Goodness for The Pint-Sized Set

I love planning my girlies’ birthday parities in a way that isn’t quite natural. I love coming up with the theme, sleuthing out the favors, making the decorations, baking the cupcakes. I love it all…dearly.

On occasion, I’ve even been known to go a little nutso with the whole situation, like, say, the year I forced my hubby to cut a 12-foot branch off a tree in our backyard, set it in cement in a galvanized tub, and attach it to the wall with rope and a steel hook (it was a little top heavy), all so my five-year-old could have a woodland fairy birthday party inside our house in the cold of December. And the minute I’ve swept up the last tiny shred of confetti (or bit of tree branch), I’m planning next years bash…

Suffice to say, I’m pretty into the whole enterprise. But, never fear, I realize I’m not normal. I don’t expect that other mothers would necessarily enjoy this kind of crazy-town birthday action. In fact, many of my own closest friends view my birthday party obsession with a combination of disdain and sheer bewilderment. It’s not that they don’t want to throw fantastic and cool birthday parties for their littles, it’s just that they don’t particularly enjoy the mechanics of the whole enterprise.

So for them, may I introduce the lovely and talented event aficionado Emily Clarke.

After turning out a slew of memorable events for both the grown-up and pint-sized set, Clarke decided to make things official and launched Pipsqueak, a division Emily Clarke Events. The Pipsqueak team believes that kids’ parties should be magical, fun, and memorable…not complicated or expensive (clearly I need to take a page from Emily’s book). They’ve whipped up carnival soirees, mad scientist themed bashes and other magical parties from theme to goodie bag (and every possible detail in between).

I bet if you asked they’d even cut down a giant tree branch for you… Just sayin’.


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