D Moms On Texas Living This Morning Sharing Our Favorite Boredom Busters and Creativity Kickstarters

Happy New Year friends! We’re back and raring to go. Well, sort of… The hubs and I are “back,” and trying our darnedest to work, while the girlies are still on winter break, lolling about in their PJs, bickering, and complaining about an epic case of boredom. Good times.

To help squash this (wholly annoying) complaint, I’ve pulled together some strategies, resources, and tools to get their creative juices flowing and combat their cabin fever, and I went on Texas Living this morning to share my finds with the lovely Kimberly Whitman.

You can watch the full segment here (if you’re so inclined). Or if you just want to get straight to the goods, here’s my list of go-to “boredom busters.”

  1. Every. single. book. penned by the genius Keri Smith but especially This Is Not A Book 
  2. Unbored by Joshua Glenn and Elizabeth Foy Larsen (Yep, we still love this book.)
  3. Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham
  4. The line of Kid Made Modern craft kits and art supplies at Target
  5. The D Moms Make board on Pinterest (We had to include our beloved Pinterest.)


Good luck!