“First Give Yourself The Oxygen Before Helping Others” and Other Mothering Wisdom From The Glow

(Image via The Glow.)

I love pretty much everything about The Glow; it’s the ultimate voyeuristic peek into the stylish life of creative, interesting mamas, complete with magical light-flooded photos, great clothes, and artful vignettes…

What’s not to love?

But I think my favorite aspect of the site is the smart little nuggets of wisdom tucked in alongside the dreamy images. Like, say, this bit from the interview with make-up artist Pati Dubroff:

“My strategy is to be fully present in whichever role I am in, whether at home or at work. I can’t worry about missing something when I’m not there… I also make sure to take care of myself. A friend once told me that, just like in the safety instructions you’re given when flying, it’s important to first give yourself the life vest and oxygen before helping others.”

Hear, hear Pati!