Achieving Work Life Balance (Sort Of) with The Gem’s Kale and Quinoa Salad

I had all sorts of good intentions to attend a brown bag lunch/lecture focused on healthy eating and wellness today at the Crow Collection, but I…didn’t.

Sadly, deadlines, meetings, and the promise to my 3rd grader that I would read to her class this afternoon all conspired against my attempts at self improvement (and an understanding of how to “eat for a better fit in my genes”).

This is not an uncommon occurrence, this family and work life commitments thwarting any vestige of personal balance. The last time I exercised (by choice) was during the Bush administration; I drank three Diet Cokes and two cups of coffee yesterday to offset the 4 a.m. wake up call known as my five year old (a self-proclaimed “morning person.) You get the idea.

Thankfully, a kind friend swung by with a surprise treat from The Gem yesterday afternoon, so I was able to assuage my guilt over skipping the wellness lecture with the container of (really tasty) kale and quinoa salad and the bottle of Clarity Lemonade waiting for me in the office fridge.

I do feel more engerized, clearer if you will…

Now I just need to figure out how get this feeling every day and we’ll be golden.

I should probably kick the Diet Coke too. The coffee, however, is off limits.


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