Jo Staffelbach Heinz: The Mindset of a Winner

Jo Staffelbach Heinz

“To be a winner, you have to have the mindset of a winner.” This comment, made by Misty May Treanor after her team won its third consecutive gold medal in the Olympics in beach volleyball, is inspirational. The training, the discipline, the practice, the rigor that went into the win is just so impressive. And their victory was hard fought.

Once again, we were witness to the outstanding and motivational performances of the world’s Olympic athletes in London. The loss of sleep during those two important weeks was, in hindsight, worth the effort.

Dallas as an entity has always had this winning mindset. This city is filled with performers just as impressive as the Olympic athletes. We train, we rehearse, we practice and we excel.

Since moving to this great city in 1985, I have been constantly and consistently impressed with the attitude, the action and the results. From the revitalization of Uptown, to the completion of the Arts District, to the development of the areas so close to downtown, to the focused support of the Dallas Symphony and the recent rejuvenation of the Dallas Opera, we have demonstrated we have the mindset of winners.

Recently, several out-of-state guests left Dallas raving that our city’s venues topped those in Los Angeles. That was great to hear!

As our economy continues to take positive steps forward, we find ourselves leading the country in recovery. It is great to be among winners in Dallas. Let’s hold on with strength to this mindset. It is what has set us apart. It is what distinguishes us and it is what makes Dallas great.

Congratulations and thank you to all who fight so hard to make Dallas a true winner.

Jo Staffelbach Heinz is President and CEO of Dallas-based STAFFELBACH. Contact her at [email protected].


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  • Douglas

    See the article in the current D Magazine CEO issue, “Dallas is Not No. 1 — Not even close. Why the city’s jobs picture is uglier than you thought.”
    This article has the aroma of a design firm looking for new clients, or else that of an Obama supporter trying to support a failed President, and a failing Presidential campaign.

  • Randy Thompson

    High five, Jo! As an LA native who moved to Dallas in 1996, I can add without any reservations that while there many things to like about Los Angeles, these days at least, there are way too many things to dislike out west. Texas is a great place to be, and my hope is that your comments about this city being full of winners, will simply inspire more to come our way.