Steve Everbach: 2012 Commercial Real Estate Resolutions

Steve Everbach

As the holidays kick into gear, ’tis the season shut down our computers, try to ignore our BlackBerrys and iPhones, and let small things go. It’s a good time to enjoy family and friends, reflect on milestones of 2011, and set personal and professional goals for the coming year.

I’m slightly ahead of the curve this year and have already set broad goals for my leasing and management colleagues. I based our plan on trends pushing the market, which were presented by Jones Lang LaSalle’s research group in our annual Forecast Briefing. Lucky for us, these resolutions can be applied both in and outside of the industry.

• Look on the bright side. Economic indicators suggest improvement—albeit minor—in the real estate market for the forthcoming year, with no foreseeable double-dip.

Focus, focus, focus. Businesses will take real estate into greater consideration in 2012, focusing investments on efficiency, productivity, and increased levels of service.

Make the best of what you’ve got. Businesses will shift real estate investments from new construction to retrofitting existing assets.

• Lead, don’t follow. Texas, Denver, and Northern California—the nation’s most commodity- and technology-rich markets—will lead demand growth.

Find the fun in day-to-day tasks. Retailers will enhance “shopping experience” by increasing organic selections and offering additional services, like wireless capabilities, electronic displays and kiosks, drive-thru lanes, and pick-up areas for online merchandise.

From everyone at Jones Lang LaSalle, we’d like to wish you Happy Holidays and a bright start to 2012!

Steve Everbach is a regional director at Jones Lang LaSalle in Dallas. Contact him at [email protected]