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Restaurant Review


Tango Room tablescape
Restaurant Review

The Tango Room Is Out of Step With Its Lofty Goals

For all its wine acumen and ambition, Tango Room trips and falls on its way to becoming the tiny, tony steakhouse it wants to be.
View of Written by the Seasons restaurant in Bishop Arts.
Restaurant Review

First Bite: Written by the Seasons in the Bishop Arts District

Tribal All Day Cafe spins off a seasonal, produce-driven sister restaurant.
Celebrity Chefs

First Bite: Nick Badovinus’ East Quarter National Anthem

The food is all over the map, so just find your specific bliss. (Ours is the Reuben.)
Behind the Review

Behind the Review: Small But Mighty, Shoyo Is a Meditation on Craft

On Greenville Avenue find a tiny omakase operation where, under the surface, lies a world of skill.
Shoyo sushi
Food & Drink

In Lower Greenville, Shoyo Deals in Masterful Omakase-Only Sushi

Jimmy Park’s elite 12-seat restaurant delivers jewels from its shadowy hideaway on Greenville Avenue.


Carte Blanche
Food & Drink

Carte Blanche Is a Canvas for Creativity, Both in Its Tasting Menus and Bakery

The Lower Greenville husband-and-wife operation is a unique exercise in ambition, both during the day and night.
Monarch Seafood Tower
Food & Drink

Monarch, The National’s 49th-Floor Restaurant, Offers Opulence Without Limits

The excesses available at the city’s latest fine-dining spot almost make you forget about the food. But don’t.
Borges Meridian Bread Course
Food & Drink

Meridian’s Modern Brazilian Is a Gift for Dallas Diners

Junior Borges opened Uchi and cooked at FT33. At Meridian, he is finally speaking in his own voice.
Ame Bishop arts 1
Food & Drink

At Âme in Bishop Arts, an Indian-French Connection

The old Hattie's space has come alive with the flavors of a new, upscale Indian cuisine unlike anything else in Dallas. (And our first review in over a year.)
A packed tray of barbecue (ribs, links, beans, mac, slaw, bread) from Goldee's Barbecue
Restaurant Review

Goldee’s Barbecue Doesn’t Chase Trends, It Honors Tradition

The (somewhat) new Fort Worth joint stays true to Central Texas barbecue: perfectly executed simplicity.
By  Daniel Walker