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For Valentine’s Day, Take In a Few of the Most Romantic Spots in Dallas

You're looking for love in all the wrong places.
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A Woman's Garden. Courtesy of the Dallas Arboretum.

Sometimes, the most romantic places can be found where you least expect them. Looking into one another’s eyes in a candlelit dining room is nice, sure, but there’s something to be said for taking slow walks through the park or sneaking a kiss in the quietest corner of an art museum. Romance means something a little bit different for everyone, but there are some universals that we can all agree on: the right atmosphere sets the tone for a lovely time. These sweet date spots will do just that, while taking you and your lover on an adventure off the beaten path.

Use this guide as needed for Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge 

A stone’s throw away from Trinity Groves, the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge runs parallel to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and provides the perfect view of Large Marge against the Dallas skyline. You’ll often find musicians busking while families and cyclists pace the walkway. The most dramatic views come at sunset, when the orange sky fades to blue and the cityscape lights up. Fun fact: this is where my sister got engaged. 

A Woman’s Garden 

The Dallas Arboretum is a romantic place in general, but this elegant garden is particularly breathtaking. Frequently used for photoshoots and weddings, A Woman’s Garden has gorgeous fountains and water features, including a large reflecting pool that overlooks White Rock Lake. It’s just so pretty, regardless of the season. 

The French Room Bar 

If you want a taste of old-fashioned luxury without breaking the bank, skip dinner at The French Room and head straight to the bar. You’ll feel fancy as soon as you step into the timelessly cool surrounds of The Adolphus, and while the bar and salon aren’t as grand as the formal dining room, they still have that je ne sais quoi

Fair Park 

It goes without saying that I’m talking about Fair Park outside of the three weeks of the Texas State Fair, though I guess that’s romantic in its own way. When the fair’s not going on, Fair Park is a perfect, quiet place to explore with your crush. Start by checking out one of the museums and then wander around the historic buildings. Wrap things up at Las Almas Rotas, the intimate mezcal bar across the street. 

Eatzi’s and Turtle Creek Park 

Individually, these places are OK date spots, but the combination is flawless. head to Eatzi’s on Oak Lawn first. Peruse samples, buy some fancy cheese and a bottle of wine, secure sandwiches. Take your picnic a few blocks away to Turtle Creek Park and set up shop. The best lunch spots are the back patio of Arlington Hall, the shady spots of the lawn, and along the banks of Turtle Creek (just across the street). 

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth 

It’s not actually in Dallas, but the Modern is worth the 45-minute drive–there’s really nowhere else like it. From Tadao Ando’s distinct steel-and-glass structure to the vast art collection it holds, the museum is stunning. Take a few minutes to sit on the lawn and gaze at the pristine reflecting pool. Go downtown for a drink at Thompson’s before you head back east. The former bookstore is the coziest place for a craft cocktail. 

Hotel St. Germain 

It was my favorite hidden gem in Dallas–until I saw LeeAnne Locken spending her wedding night there on Real Housewives of Dallas and realized it wasn’t really a secret. Nevertheless, Hotel St. Germain flies under the radar of many locals. The European-style hotel has dreamy, opulent suites, but the dining room is also worth a visit. If you don’t want to commit to dinner, try Champagne Bar service in the parlour. You can get bubbly, snacks, and dessert. Call the hotel to make a reservation; 214-871-2516.

Meyerson Symphony Center

A night at the Meyerson checks off every box on our date night checklist. There’s an orchestra playing moving, timeless tunes, the setting is dramatic and pretty, the lighting is moody, and champagne is available. Take a look at the calendar to see upcoming concerts. Try Akai, the speakeasy within Musume, for a pre- or post-show drink.

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