Kitten. Credit: Kaitlin Christy. Courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Concert Picks for Wednesday (July 16): Club Dada | 1919 Hemphill | The Where House

Kitten at Dada; Layer Cake at 1919 Hemphill; Dallas Distortion Music books J&J's.

Kitten | Jessie Frye (Club Dada): This should be a fun event all around with a mix of sophisticated pop from Frye, and the occasional new wave sound of Kitten. — Lee Escobedo

Alice Cooper | Mötley Crüe (Gexa Energy Pavilion): We’ll, if you don’t mind running into your creepy uncle, local record store guy, or a scene from the neighborhood biker bar, come one, come all. If there’s one thing worse than irony, it’s nostalgia. — Lee Escobedo

Street Gnar | Fungi Girls | Shy Boys | Dripping Wet Prism Cloud (J&J’s Pizza): Another well put-together bill from Dallas Distortion Music . — Lee Escobedo

Catalogue | The Fibs | The Flourescents | Rocket For Ethiopia (The Where House): This bill is also repeating tomorrow at City Tavern, but first time’s a charm. Catalogue plays high-paced, friction-filled songs that make you claw your way through the dance floor. Plus, Rocket for Ethipoia is one of the secret gems in DFW. — Lee Escobedo 

Free Kittens & Bread | Dances with Wolves | Hate Your Friends | Layer Cake | Baby Talk (1919 Hemphill): It’s been a while since I’ve made it out west to this Fort Worth DIY venue, but I’m going to do it tonight mainly for one reason: To see Layer Cake again. I caught the band on somewhat of a whim last weekend, after recently sharing my admiration for their recorded material. Their live performance fulfilled the promise that those tracks made in the first place. Harmonies are not common in most local bands on the level that they are employed here, and when the guitar and keyboard kicks in, brittle pieces of melody fall among the vocal buildup like confetti through smoke. See this band. — Christopher Mosley