Total Abuse in live performance. Courtesy of Grandstand Media.

Concert Picks for July 15: The Crooks | Filth | Sealion’s New Album

Sealion releases a song ahead of their upcoming album and tour; Total Abuse comes to Denton.

Surf-rock outfit, Sealion is making this summer a bit more bearable with their newest LP release, Heavy Fizz. They’ve also been asked to join an upcoming bill up for Jeff the Brotherhood for $3 a ticket, even though you kind of have to give them access to every social media-involved aspect of your life to get it that cheap. The more sponsors a show has, the cheaper the ticket, but at what cost? Anyhow, the show is next Wednesday at Club Dada.

In the meantime, check out the latest single from their upcoming release, “Summer Feeling Fading,” which is available to stream on Sealion’s Bandcamp. They will be releasing songs on their Facebook until the date of their show, which also serves as their LP release party.

Tonight’s events—

The Crooks (City Tavern): Family-friendly English indie outfit, The Crooks come to downtown and bring with them cringe-worthy rock music without much heart, but plenty of feelings. There’s a lot of this kind of sound, mostly emanating from local commercial radio. I recommend grabbing some coconut soup from Bangkok City so you at least make one solid decision tonight.

Total Abuse |Filth | Dromez | Corporate Park | Public Health (Rubber Gloves): The tour is called “Summer Scum.” Yeah, this one’s worth going in to work tomorrow with a bit too much attitude for your cubicle mates. Work sucks, the week’s long, everyone’s hot and broke. Spend a few bucks and let out your aggression to a trashy lineup full of hate and rage. Filth’s noise set is extremely solid and the rest of the bill isn’t bad for what it is either, everything from hardcore to historically accurate synth music.

Ben Kenney (Gas Monkey Bar n Grill): Ah, this place strikes again, as some of the strangest booking occurs at this venue. When Kenney first joined Incubus I was excited at the time, for the presumed funk and groove he would bring to an otherwise subdued and acoustic-instrument heavy band. Instead his arrival had the unfortunate timing with the group’s gradual decline. Not all of his fault alone, perhaps, but here’s hoping his solo career is allowed to breathe on it’s own.