The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Apr. 4-6

All the concerts we didn't want to lose in the big festival shuffle.

There are many events booked this weekend that just don’t fit into one of the many large-scale festivals taking place in North Texas at the moment, and we’ll continue to see this trend over the next week or so. But we never like to let these misfits go completely unnoticed, so Andi Harman and I did our best to try find some gems.

— Christopher Mosley


Sin Motivo/Breakout/Distort/Releaser/Lacerations/Modern Pain (RBC): RBC has already been open for a few weeks, but this is event is apparently being held specifically celebrate the return of “hardcore” for “the punks.” You know who you are. There are definitely some strong acts littered throughout both nights, including Sin Motivo. — Christopher Mosley

The Angelus/Yells at Eels/Ralph White/DJ Daug (The Crown and Harp): This is a strong lineup of mostly locals, and it’s good to see avid collector of all things strange, DJ Daug spinning records. Ralph White is a multi-instrumentalist from Austin, and he’ll be joining Yells at Eels on kalimba, or an African thumb piano. That should be a fantastic mix, if the last YaE show was any indication.

Meanwhile at Crown and Harp, take a stroll upstairs and catch “Deep Shade,” where techno DJ Bill Converse will be making an appearance. — CM

Other Friday events—

“Friday Night Live 2.0” (Hailey’s Club): With AV the Great and DJ Spinn Mo.

Update: White Denim is performing at the Granada, and this is such a blinding three-day flurry, that I somehow overlooked that fact.  More info here. — CM


Tolar/Peasant/Terminator 2/Steel Bearing Hand/Swinging Dicks/Pissed Grave/Mean and Ugly/Night Crimes (RBC): The second night of this two-day event seems even heavier, somehow. — CM 

“Away From The Numbers” (Single Wide): Jason Harris will be the guest at this consistently high quality event. — CM

Kent Evans/Ulnae/Goldenjoy/DJ R314ps3/DJ Jake Prince (Nerv Gallery): Lily Taylor and Darcy Neal, the two mainstays of Ulnae, will be joined by viola player Joshua Westerman, for this gallery opening. And if they are the barometer for the rest of these mysterious musical acts, then I would say that this opening will be worth attending for the sounds alone. — Andi Harman

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): This will be a celebration of three years of Blake Ward’s “Glamorama,” which is hard to believe. — CM 

“Tropic of Sound” (Windmill Lounge): I happened to host my birthday at this beloved Oak Lawn drinkery earlier in February, and was beyond pleased to see DJ Gavin Guthrie set up in a dim corner next to the usually active jukebox. The stress of gathering friends and colleagues under one roof melted away with the surprise entertainment. Windmill’s judgement-free atmosphere and adorable bar staff makes it a perfect Saturday refuge, especially when this event just happens to crash your party. Tonight’s special guest is Ivan Reyna, founder of Lost Records. — AH


Please see our thoughts on the Boss playing Reunion Park by going here. More weekend events can be found here and here.




Image: Lily Taylor of Ulnae, March 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.