The Week’s Best Concerts: Ash, Superchunk, The Theater Fire, and Deep Shade

Those who remember the Britpop 90s might be pleased to see this pop up on the calendar.

Tuesday, February 4:

Ash/Deaf Havana (House of Blues): Those who remember the Britpop 90s might be pleased to see this pop up on the calendar. Ash was a standout act of the era, if only for the fact that while their singles often mined rather melodic resources to make a case, the teenaged group was actually a pretty fierce live band. Case in point: Their opening set for Weezer on the Pinkerton tour (circa 1996!) where a barricade was pushed back riot-style at Deep Ellum Live, is still the stuff of local concert lore. They have aged gracefully compared with other groups from the decade, who are more likely to be playing the nostalgia circuit on cruise ships at this point.

Wednesday, February 5:

Superchunk/Waxahatchee (Trees): Before the Arcade Fire cemented Merge Records’ reputation as a world power of an indie label, it was Superchunk who had the title, when that breakthrough album wasn’t even a thought. Superchunk is adored for the manner in which they brandish some rather prickly tendencies in underground music, and transform it into easily digestible little singles. If there is a template for what indie rock bands as an idea looked and sounded like for a time, it was Superchunk who defined it.

Waxahatchee just might steal some of the group’s spotlight however, if their well-received performance at last year’s Chaos in Tejas festival—whose future is sadly now in possible fatal jeopardy—is any indication.

Friday, February 7: 

Theater Fire/The Baptist Generals/Dark Rooms/Priya and Andy (The Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge): The pall surrounding this show is a serious one, as the event is a benefit for Theater Fire’s Curtis Heath and his cancer woes. The event itself should bring joy to many local music fans who have missed the band, however. The Theater Fire were one of the more respectable acts in the overcrowded world of local singer-songwriter dominant roots music, and they even attained a certain amount of national attention that made them the envy of their peers. The big names acting as support display just how respected the group remains, even after years of minimal activity.

Yuck (Good Records): Ahead of their performance at Trees later in the evening, you can catch Yuck at Good Records for no money down. Show is at 5 pm.

Deep Shade (The Crown and Harp): Local DJ trio Deep Shade begins a brand new residency at the Crown and Harp starting on Friday. Expect to hear everything from the history of Midwestern house music, to lesser-explored modern takes on dance, disco, and electro.

Sunday, February 9: 

Paul Simon/Sting (American Airlines Center): This is one of those shows where both names are so big that they must have flipped a coin to decide who headlines. Sting might take the crown considering his ability to forego a last name, but I once saw Bob Dylan open for Paul Simon. There are perhaps less than a handful of musicians on earth with those bragging rights. Consider yourself lucky if you actually scored tickets to this jurassic-sized event.





Image: Ash in concert, Glasgow, April 2010. Via