Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for Aug. 1-4

How far back does the anticipation  stretch for Thursday night’s debut show from the band called Overseas? The first interview I conducted about the group was in February, of 2012. It may as well have been the year before, and it took some time for the matter to become pertinent; the interview was posted over a year later. That’s a ton of pressure for a new band, but it’s understandable, since everyone in the group is basically an all-star. Guitar, vocal, and rhythm assignments will all be handled by noteworthy songwriters.

The gentlemen in Overseas have all made careers off of mountain-like piles of sad, slow music, and that includes the Kadane BrothersMatt and Bubba, who were in Bedhead and The New Year; Will Johnson, of Centro-matic; and finally, David Bazan, of Pedro the Lion. Bazan is the only member with no obvious North Texas ties, but also the member with most visible national profile, so he is just fine. One wonders if there is a correlation.

The short of this is that any one member here could probably headline Dan’s Silverleaf on his own merits, those of lovingly wilted odes to heartache and anxiety. Put them together in one band and you’ll have various sects of our local introvert community politely shoving past one another to get a view of his or her favorite group member. Arrive early.

Overseas performs at Dan’s Silver Leaf on Thursday Evening. Monahans will be the opening act. The rest of the weekend’s shows: 


Lil B (The Prophet Bar): Lil B is more than just a rapper; he’s everything from a celebrated NYU guest lecturer to his own semiserious cult all wrapped up into one fascinating package. His slang-laden “based” movement is either the best or the worst thing to happen to hip-hop in some time, depending on whom you ask, and I’ve seen some mouthy zealots on both sides of that particular fence. Whether he is tackling celebrity (“I’m Miley Cyrus”) or his own incredible take on rock music (“California Boy”), you could waste a good bit of time trying to take in his already vast catalog. I suggest doing so in person, and he does too, according to a recent status update:


DM me if this actually results in a response. This event is recommended.

“Lost Generation” (Crown and Harp): We have confirmation that this event will now take place at Crown and Harp, following the lamentable demise of Zubar down the street. This venue has been returning to former glories, so consider it a best-case scenario. Tonight’s guest artist is M3sa.

“Subsonic Indulgence” (Andy’s): The trio selecting tracks this evening includes Sofaking, Spacechase, and LeeIII. The latter DJ has been putting  together some excellent “juke mixes” according to the invitation literature. Head over to her SoundCloud and see if you agree.

“Funeral Party” (The Church): Timm Clark, who was formerly holding down Tuesdays at Beauty Bar, will be joining the regular “Funeral Party” duo of Keith P and Anthony Social in the Video Room.

“Wild in the Streets” (Texas Theatre): Wild in the Streets will be performing following the 8 p.m. screening of the 35-mm edition of Planet of the Apes. The film is 112 minutes, so plan accordingly. Nine p.m. showings on Saturday and Sunday will be followed up with performances by DJs Master Charge, and Mark Ridlen respectively. For some insight on how fluidly Ridlen can follow up an event with just the right choice of song, see our Nervebreakers review from earlier in the week.

Zorch/Blackie/Bludded Head (Good Records): This free show starts at 8 p.m. Good Records has actually been discussed as a theoretical nominee for D Magazine‘s Best of Big D “Best Live Music Venue,” so come see why. The Nasher Sculpture Center won that designation this year, a choice which didn’t sit well with some in the local music community, according to several sarcastic, confused, and mocking tweets. We said it was “unconventional,” now ask us if we care.


“Wave Back” (The Crown and Harp Upstairs): Dallas proper doesn’t see Yeahdef all that often, and in keeping with that theme, he’ll have Ronnie Heart as the guest this evening.

Downstairs at Crown and Harp, Paul Slavens will be doing his well-known party trick of improvising songs according to subject (and tips). He’ll be joined by Gary Muller, who played with Slavens in the long-defunct but still remembered 10 Hands. Slavens has not had the opportunity to make up songs for the public in a while, due to some extensive touring with the Baptist Generals. Go here for a glimpse into what that means exactly. Cheetos are involved.

Dubbel Dutch/Myrryrs/Ynfynt Scroll/Ruby Rhod (3401B Main St, in Dallas): This is perhaps the most high-profile event of the weekend, in regard to forward-thinking dance music at least, since both Dubbel Dutch and Myrryrs have both getting attention in the right places, be it Vice, XLR8R, or experts of the genre, such as Dave Quam.

It’s unfortunate that this event was forced to switch venues at the last minute, and hopefully that will not have an impact on attendance. It was originally to be held at Canton Co-op, but it appears that DIY space is now closed for good. In addition to local support from Ruby Rhod and Ynfynyt Scroll, the visual element of the show will be handled by Jason Presley Marsh. Admission is $10 before 11 p.m., and 15 dollars after that. There is an open bar for those 21 and up.

Update: Rania Khoury (Prophet Bar): The local singer-songwriter will be celebrating the release of her new album, which is entitled Stone Wolf. If you’re wondering whether or not the often-soulful singer actually howls on the record, as have so many pop singers—Sam the Sham, Warren Zevon, and Shakira among them—she does. On the first song. Even though that’s good company, the record picks up considerably after that. I can’t really say I’ve heard a song like “Sweet Apple Pies” from an area songwriter in recent memory.


“Away from the Numbers” (Single Wide): DJ Lonestar Queen will be joining the resident AftN crew.

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): Blake Ward’s guest tonight is Mr. Kitty.

Unconscious Collective/Silver Saint (The Crown and Harp): Silver Saint is a brand new no wave-inspired project, meaning I will have to see them at least once since it’s unabashedly my favorite music genre.

This Will Kill You (Wit’s End): This festival-sized happening features several decent to great acts, such as Violent Squid, The Golden Boys, Fungi Girls, and too many other bands to mention in this space (18!). The show starts at 3:30 p.m., and this is just insanity.

Other Saturday Shows—

Hood Rat/Old Wounds/DeadTooth/Death Penalty/Space Beach/Messengers (Taqueria Pedritos)

Souls of Mischief (Trees)

Update: Gina G (Strangeways): In celebration of the bar’s two year anniversary.


Billy Ratcliff/Curvette/5000 Bullets (Dan’s Silverleaf):  This fundraising event, which is billed as “Keep It Local,” is at 4 p.m.

Other Sunday Shows—

Eyes, Wings and many Other Things/Year of the Bear/Crown Larks/Slumberbuzz (Crown and Harp) 


Image: Paul Slavens, contemplating before a performance. Seattle, 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.