Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for June 24-26


Frank Phosphate Presents “Everything Is Terrible Night” (Hailey’s): Showcasing material from the bottom of the cultural barrel scraping blog of the same name. The best part is that two DJ’s will be purposely play awful music. That certainly beats the alternative, where the DJ does so unintentionally.

The Black Dotz/Dim Locator/Soular Power (The Crown and Harp): First show in a long while by Wanz Dover’s punk and soul hybrid, The Black Dotz. Of Dover’s many projects over the years, the group is one of his most well-received.

Ishi/Burning Hotels/Air Review (Trees): I’m not sure if the remaining members of Ishi are actually following through with their plan to audition its new singer hopefuls live, but if so, it all sounds a bit awkward. Shouldn’t these sometimes glaringly obvious mismatches take place behind closed doors? Besides, what’s the criteria here, whether or not your Hoff-ian eyeball aerobics are up to snuff?


Dovehunter/Raised By Tigers/Geistheistler (Dan’s Silverleaf): Oddly enough, the most entertaining part of this show will take place before anyone even arrives at the club, when Geistheistler’s 180-decibel soundcheck will likely elicit a spirited reaction from one of the most detail-oriented sound-persons in the business. All the luck in the world to both parties.

Nervous Curtains/Waxeater/Sir Name & The Janes (Pastime Tavern): Recently a slightly older friend had been stationed overseas. Upon his return to the US, he got right back into his old habit of listening to the Indie Rock station on Satellite radio. “What happened to all the guitars?,” he asked. “Now it’s nothing but heavily-reverbed pop music with keyboard.” If you too have been wondering where all of the loud distorted guitars have disappeared to, make sure you stop in and see Bloomington, Indiana’s Waxeater. Current trends notwithstanding, all of the guitars are right here.

Benefit for Denton Stray Prevention with Matthew Grigsby/Chris Garver/Kaleo Kauloku/Doug Raney/Jen Seman/The Calmative/Andy LaViolette (Banter): A benefit for Denton Stray Prevention, which should be noted was formerly called Denton Stray Rescue.

Something Social/Josephine vs Black Jesus/Dangus (Fruitealicious Bubble Tea): Having actually seen some pretty terrible shows in bubble tea shops before, I’m almost hesitant to list this. But there’s just something so awesomely suburban about it, I have some hope that it will at least be a good time. Counterculture enthusiasm will often lead you to strange places. You have a long road ahead of you, kids.


The Best of Both Worlds Showcase featuring D. Smiley/Tunk/Nova/Jmil Kly/DJ E-Vo/DJ B/Yeah Def/Questionmark (Hailey’s): Huge Hip Hop showcase featuring MCs and DJs from all over the state.

Lost Generation (Arcade Bar): Guest tonight is DJ EWI.


  • The show at Fruitealicious was a good time, nice turnout, and overall it was goofy as [email protected]#. At this point, Carrollton is a cool, weird home base for cheeky punk rockers, scenesters, and thug nasty anime dorks. Along with Richardson, it’s a potential cesspool for total suburban strangeness and chaos of variety.

  • Richardson Heights

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