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It List: Dallas Area Music Offerings for June 13

By Chris Mosley |

Cool Out (Bar Celine): Having already given you the individual perspectives of Cool Out DJ’s Schwa and Adam Pickrell, that leaves only DJ Sober, aka Will Rhoten.

Sober recently told FrontRow that the response to Cool Out’s new locale, setup and his accordingly tweaked playlist has been a positive one. “Cool Out has been fun. I have been having fun with the tunes, playing a lot more disco, some afro-funk, and some older R&B.”

As for the expectations of Cool Out’s longtime supporters, Sober offered this:

“The crowd has been receptive thus far and seems in to the live instrumentation as well.”

He also offered up some advice f0r those who have yet to join in on the weekly and its new-found live aspects: “This past week we had a horn player in addition to Adam (Pickrell) on the keys. Sounded great. I hope more people venture out and take advantage of hearing quality tunes in their city.”

As for one thing he would suggest or change about the event, Sober sounds a little prone to cabin fever.

“I wish there were speakers on the patio or a way we could play out there. People seem to like that area and gravitate outside.”

Hopefully something can be worked out so that the patio smokers and Sober himself will both be satisfied this summer.

Deep Snapper/Graves Brothers Deluxe (Bryan St. Tavern): San Francisco’s Graves Brothers Deluxe have been at it since 1998, and they play a distinct brand of underground pscyh rock that is informed by many outrageous and radical influences, some of whom they have collaborated with. It’s an impressive list that includes fellow Bay Area weirdos The Residents, as well as The Monks (whom they have covered), and even The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Noel Redding, who is, sadly, departed and also as revered as he was forty four years ago. Their more current list of co-conspirators include members of The Boredoms and Acid Mother’s Temple.

As charmingly and fittingly quirky as GBD’s music often is, it never quite gets as wild as the work their inspirations and collaborators are known for. In some ways, you can’t necessarily fault a band for that. Just about anyone sounds almost polite tackling “I Hate You.”

Continuing in their tradition of working with unique talents, their newest record, entitled San Malo, was produced by Paul Roessler and Geza X, two names I have not heard in some time, which is unfortunate.

DFW’s very own (sm)art punks Deep Snapper will also perform.

Mondaze with Big J/Sissy Ross (Crown and Harp): Guest DJ Is Testarossa.

Warren Jackson Hearne/Paleo/Dim Locator (Simone Lounge): With each passing day, Simone Lounge seems more and more like a real contender in Denton’s crowded selection of venues. This show of old favorites is certainly an indication of arrival.

She Wants Revenge/Nico Vega (The Loft): For more on this show, check out our FrontBurner’s “Things To Do In Dallas Today.” For more info, go here.

Image: Detail from the cover art for Graves Brothers Deluxe record, “Light.”

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