5 Sports Movies The Texas Theatre Should Bring Back On 35MM

The Texas Theatre is bringing a beloved sports movie back to the big screen with its 35 mm screening of Hoosiers. Which got us thinking, what if the theater combined its love of bringing back classic films on 35 mm with its love of indulging in some of the trashiest cinema of all time? Born, then, is this list: our suggestions for a screening series featuring some of the most belovedly bad sporting films of all time. (Alternative title: How did movies survive the 1990s?)


  • This list is awesome! There’s no way this will happen! 🙂
    Except maybe Cutting Edge.. that’s a thinker. well… Over the Top does have super fantastic moves and a soundtrack that rules – in the most horrible way – maybe this list should happen!

  • Eric

    We HAVE to show “Over the Top”!!! With a citywide arm wrestling tournament!! “I’ll meet you halfway..”

  • Dick Sullivan

    Ugh. None of those are even good-bad, except maybe Cutting Edge and Space Jam. What about Vision Quest?

  • vision quest ruled.