This Week’s Notable Comics: The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Another Crossover

Fear Itself #1 (of 7): Writer Matt Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen bring you the latest blockbuster miniseries that will CHANGE THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FOREVER! Yeah, just like Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, and The Siege have all changed the Marvel Universe forever … all since 2006. [Yawn] 

Superstar: As Seen on TV: I’m more interested in this collection of a series drawn by Immonen and written by Kurt Busiek. It’s about a media-savvy superhero whose power is dependent on his popularity.

Herc #1: The only character that Hillcrest High School graduate Greg Pak has written more than the Hulk over the past few years is Hercules. Yesterday, Pak made the following appeal via Twitter: “Hey, let’s play this crazy prank … Tomorrow, everyone go to the comic shop and buy “Herc” #1! It’ll be CRAZY! WHO’S WITH ME?”

The Complete Johnny Comet: This softcover collection of Frank Frazetta’s classic newspaper strip would make a fine addition to any fanboy’s bookshelf.

Die Hard: Year One Vol. 2: My favorite thing about this is the cover art featuring Bruce Willis with a full head of hair.