bowl_01 Bill Fong in his element. photography by Tadd Myers

1. The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever: The title of this story from July says it all, and sites across the web — including Longform, Longreads, Deadspin, etc. — agreed.

"His teammates aren’t interested in talking about what he can do to make his strikes more solid, though, or even tonight’s mildly competitive league game. They’re still discussing a night two years ago. They mention it every week, without fail. In fact, all you have to do is say the words 'That Night' and everyone at the Plano Super Bowl knows what you’re talking about. They also refer to it as 'The Incident' or 'That Incredible Series.' It’s the only time anyone can remember a local recreational bowler making the sports section of the Dallas Morning News. One man, an opponent of Fong’s that evening, calls it 'the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a bowling alley.'

Bill Fong needs no reminders, of course. He thinks about that moment—those hours—every single day of his life."