simple12 Taylor Tomasi and Chase Hill photography by Stephen Karlisch

4. A Very Gatsby Wedding: Every so often an old story becomes inexplicably popular again. Some website somewhere links to it, and the readers descend. Such was the case with a D Weddings article about the 2008 nuptials between Dallas natives Taylor Tomasi and Chase Hill. Mrs. Tomasi Hill is a fashion and style editor who's attracted a bit of a following among those who enjoy viewing photos of beautiful women wearing expensive clothing on the streets of New York and Paris.

"A decade in New York City can change a person. People grow; preferences shift. And when fashion is your line of work, the evolution can be magnified. Which is why when Taylor Tomasi began planning her wedding, she ran into some challenges. What plays in Dallas wasn’t necessarily going to win her vote.

Piles of crystals, a forest of flowers, showy decor in every inch of a room—none of it appealed to the Teen Vogue accessories director. 'My whole outlook on design is ‘keep it simple,’' she explains. 'Dallas tends to be ‘bigger is better,’ but we didn’t want that. My aesthetics have changed so much since I left, and I wanted to make sure that really came through.'