D Sale of the Week: 11219 Shelterwood Ln.

This house is a blast from the 1960s past, nestled on a treed cul de sac just minutes from Preston Royal.

Love the 1960s? Then you’ll love this house just minutes from Preston Royal. photography courtesy of Briggs-Freeman Real Estate
I have long predicted a return to the ’60s, when we can drag out
our go-go boots, slip into our mini skirts, and jerk to The Age of
till we look like Twiggy. Do any of you remember the paper
dress? Well, think back to that fun, crazy era and then imagine a home
built in 1961 by Bill Pardue that pulled in all the style of those
pre-psychedelic times: terrazzo floors, hardwoods, spacious kitchens
where you baked Alice B. Toklas brownies,
and, of course, the paneled family room. Mom and Dad got the big master with separate closets and
fireplace, and the kids shared a Jack and Jill bathroom because—guess
what?—they can learn to share. It keeps them from being so spoiled. (Kids raised in the 1950s and 1960s did not have their own chamber
maids and 700-square-foot suites attached to their bedrooms.)

This is
all you get with 11219 Shelterwood Ln.,
plus a half acre of treed land nestled on a cul de sac minutes from the
Tollway and Preston Royal. I really
like this home’s location near Russwood Acres, and the size this perfect: 3,467 square
feet. And, really, who needs more than four bedrooms, three and a half baths, formals, and kitchen?

Now about that kitchen. Photographed for Better Homes and Gardens, the original 1961 kitchen made its debut as the Dream
Kitchen in Lone Star Gas Company’s exhibit at the State Fair of
Texas. After being on exhibit as the latest and greatest, it was
transplanted nail by nail, cabinet by cabinet, to Shelterwood. It’s In
pristine condition—honestly, I think Twiggy may have lived here,
because these owners never cooked—so you can still use the Lazy Man gas
broiler and O’Keefe and Merritt’s oven with “grillevator,” wipe down the
curved Nevamar laminate
cabinetry (I remember Nevamar!), and serve on the innovative center island
with griddle and tiled wall clock. Note the homemaker’s desk right in
the kitchen where she busied herself with recipes. Ah, those were the
days. And they can come rocking back if you buy this house for

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