There has been a long, low buzz on Firefly in Addison. The menu is an ambitious compilation of Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, French, and Italian. Perhaps they should knock a few cuisines off the list and concentrate on two or three. The dishes we tried varied from pitiful to picture perfect. The lemongrass chicken was dry and dissolved in my mouth like grainy pieces of particle board. Yellow curry chicken would have been grand if the curry sauce, filled with hunks of yam, potatoes, and carrots, hadn’t been poured over the same dry chicken. The warm liquid would have been splendid over a pile of rice, but we hadn’t ordered any. The highly recommended Shaking Beef was better. However, the cubed pieces of filet mignon marinated in yogurt and pan-seared with garlic, red onion, and green beans had the distinctive taste that comes from a poorly cleaned gas grill. Perhaps the marinade burned to the meat, giving it a slight taste of resin. The best entrée was the udon noodle bowl filled with strips of rib-eye sautéed in a sweetish soy glaze and tossed with crunchy carrots and green bell peppers, crisp broccoli, and oodles of shiitake mushroom slices. The duck happy buns were passable. The duck was warm and moist, and the green onion was crunchy. The web site describes the atmosphere as whimsical art deco. I found no traces of either.

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