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Cathy Sweeney

Cathy Sweeney

Wolverine Interests

Cathy Sweeney is a managing partner with Wolverine Interests, where she focuses on the acquisition, development, and management of mixed-use assets and public/private partnerships. She's also a principal with Cresa Partners Capital Markets, where she provides strategic financial solutions to real estate users. Sweeney has accounting experience as a CPA, and was previously the chief financial officer of The Staubach Co.

Stories by Cathy Sweeney

Commercial Real Estate

Cathy Sweeney: What Real Estate Pros Can Learn from Broadway

We spend a lot of our time negotiating in our business; sometimes those meetings are pleasant, sometimes not. Here are five things to remember as we hit the negotiating table in 2014, brought to you by our friends on the stage.

Cathy Sweeney: Collaboration vs. Confidentiality—When is it Appropriate to Share?

As real estate service providers, we've been known to lock up our notes, hide our ‘secret files,’ and attach code names to our client’s project. All of this might be necessary, but with the recent focus on snooping, we have to ask ourselves: When is it appropriate and wise to share information?

Cathy Sweeney: What Real Estate Pros Can Learn from Great Baseball Movies

So what does baseball have to do with commercial real estate? As it turns out, we do get a few lessons from the cinematic efforts of America’s favorite pastime. Here are five—and how they apply to our professional lives.