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Why Every Small Business in DFW Needs to Know About Lalamove This Holiday Season

On-demand delivery or pick-up, consider your moving logistics solved with this affordable service.

Nothing can dash hopes faster than seeing a product for sale locally online that you love and want to buy, only to quickly realize you don’t have a way—or room in your car—to pick it up and bring it home. For small and medium business owners, that same disappointment occurs when the orders and the customers are (thankfully) steadily growing—but not the ability to get the products out the door and in the hands of the customers in a timely manner.

Courtesy of Lalamove

Lalamove is ready to fix all that. Lalamove’s app enables you to move anything, any time with the most affordable same-day delivery in DFW. Just as easy as it is for you to order lunch on a food delivery platform app from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered straight to your front door, you can now have anything moved or delivered at the touch of a button. Unlike other delivery options, Lalamove delivers everything from food and small packages to bulky furniture, contract-free. Their mission is to make delivery fast and simple – businesses simply open the Lalamove app, put in their pick-up and drop-off locations, and they will be matched with delivery partners within seconds, 24/7. In addition to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Lalamove operates in 24 markets worldwide with more than seven million registered users connected to a pool of more than 700,000 driver partners. Fleets of vans, cars, pick-up trucks, two-wheel vehicles—whatever the market demands—are at the ready, so customers can enjoy fast and low-cost delivery solutions to move things that matter.

Courtesy of Lalamove

Without a doubt, small and medium businesses are the backbone of any economy. Yet many find themselves constrained. Digitizing delivery can reshape how businesses operate, empowering them to take back control and create an agile, scalable foundation for short- and long-term growth. Previously, businesses facing this dilemma had just two other choices: invest in their own delivery fleet and face the ongoing costs of vehicle maintenance, employing drivers, and insurance – or rely on expensive national shipping companies and their often-delayed schedules. Lalamove has become the strategic partner with competitive pricing for businesses of all sizes in Dallas-Fort Worth to solve their delivery issues. From independent brick-and-mortar stores, local restaurants, and retail chains to e-commerce businesses, clothing boutiques, independent bookstores, and a variety of startups and online marketplaces, Lalamove helps scale and outsource deliveries according to their needs. Companies no longer need to invest in outdated, costly options thanks to Lalamove’s unique tech advantages that allow for same-day and advance scheduling and real-time tracking. Users can pay via credit card and get digital receipts emailed to keep track of deliveries. Plus, a multi-stop delivery feature and route optimization help businesses save time and money.

Courtesy of Lalamove

The pricing for Lalamove is $8.90 base fair + $1/mile for a sedan, $16.90 + $1/mile for SUVs, and $24.90 + $1/mile for a pick-up truck.

For example, a snapshot of Lalamove’s sedan prices throughout Dallas-Fort Worth:

  • Downtown Dallas to Design District: $10.90
  • Fort Worth to Arlington: $23.90
  • Plano to North Dallas: $16.90

Managing deliveries via a digital platform gives the power back to small business leaders, so they can be agile and instantly scale deliveries according to their exact needs. Companies can quickly add in more delivery orders when business is booming, schedule deliveries in advance to help plan operations, and reduce service or eliminate it completely when deliveries are not needed. Businesses that have used Lalamove during the COVID-19 pandemic have been able to provide a safe, affordable alternative to shoppers who are used to a 5-7 day wait time to receive their purchases. Plus, more than ever, local businesses need to be able to compete this holiday season, with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday inching their way up the calendar.

If you are ready to get moving, download the Lalamove app or schedule your delivery on the Lalamove site.


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