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Dreaming of Becoming a Real Estate Agent? Ready for a Second Career?

The CE Shop helps you get licensed from home.

When naming the long list of things the virus has affected, jobs and relocation top the list. The disruption COVID-19 has caused with job changes, job loss, and relocation have caused homeowners—and homeowner hopefuls—to pause and reconsider where they want to live. Working from home is now an option for many professionals in a wide range of industries, meaning that living near the office to reduce the daily commute is no longer required. With interest rates at an all-time low, buying a home has finally become an option for some, or the time may be right for families to upsize and move to the suburbs for more space. “While there are many challenges right now, a lot of people have been afforded the luxury to make a change,” says Dan Harris, Chief Operating Officer at The CE Shop. “How and where people purchase homes is experiencing a shift, creating more demand for real estate agents.”

According to Zillow, housing economists have been surprised by stable prices and the return of buyers to the market, particularly in the suburbs. Real estate agents are closing showings within a few days, many with multiple offers. Whether it is uncertainty about the pandemic, people getting bored of their current residence and wanting something new, a desire for more space to accommodate home offices or an employment change, it is clear that Dallas is on the move.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has also caused a rise in unemployment, leaving some professionals not only without a job but also without a career to return to. When faced with “what’s next,” a natural transition for many professionals looking for their new career is real estate, and this is where The CE Shop comes in. Whether you need pre-licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, or continuing education in real estate, The CE Shop has you covered with programs that are online, interactive, and convenient. All coursework can be completed online from wherever you are. Straightforward and user-friendly, The CE Shop’s path to a career in real estate is one that more people are considering as they navigate their way through the new path COVID-19 has carved.

Courtesy of The CE Shop

An industry leader in online real estate education, The CE Shop is no stranger to accolades, including the Online Education Program of the Year Award for its 180-hour Texas Salesperson Pre-Licensing program. Consisting of 180 hours of course material, the program is designed to provide students with all the instruction they need to take the Texas state licensing exam and to start their career as a real estate agent. The entire program is offered online in a self-paced format with a focus on preparing students for their licensing exam and has resulted in far higher student pass rates than the industry average.

For real estate industry veterans, The CE Shop is also a place to continue your education and keep up with emerging trends. The CE Shop understands that great real estate agents never stop learning, which is why it is devoted to innovating and evolving. With convenient online courses written by industry experts, new and seasoned agents can rest assured that the information learned will contribute to their success.

To get a head start on your real estate career, visit, and select your course. Once payment is received, class is in session and you can begin immediately. All courses are self-paced, so you can start and stop at your own convenience and your progress will be saved.* Questions? You can reach The CE Shop seven days a week and unlock special offers on their website or call 888.827.0777 for further information.

*Visit for specific Terms and Conditions on each course.


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