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The Best Holiday-Themed Spa Treatment Ever Might Be at Hiatus

Put these holiday inspired spa treatments on your list.
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manhattanWhen people tell me they love this time of year, I want to slap them. In addition to the usual, year-round workload, there are holiday parties galore, gift shopping on a time crunch, and deadlines to meet before you take vacation. Once you finally settle in with a cup of eggnog, it’s good. Up until then, nightmare. That’s why you need to hit up Hiatus. A special “Monthly Retreat”  is always on rotation. Up now:  December in Manhattan. I have the luxury of visiting lots of spas and testing lots of spa treatments, but nothing has blown my skirt up quite like this 80-minute medley of bliss I was invited in to try. A full-body exfoliation is followed by a deep massage with warm body mask. It smells like cherry, Bourbon vanilla, and nutmeg. Basically, heaven. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing (and lengthy) rinse under the delightful Vichy shower. It concludes with the happiest ending ever: a surprisingly good Manhattan that you can sip in your bathrobe on a couch in the cozy quiet room. If you’re still looking for a gift for you, give this $195 mini holiday sabbatical a go. Available through December 31.


Raya Ramsey

Raya Ramsey

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