The 2010 Dallas Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for your Schmoopy, snatching up a little something to stay out of the doghouse, or searching for a we’re-newly-dating-do-we-exchange-gifts-or-not gift, we’ve got you covered with indulgent treats for men and women that fit any budget.


Less Than $50 photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Less Than $50

Your relationship status would read “It’s complicated” if you documented your life on Facebook. You know things like his middle name, but you’re unsure about his shirt size. You’re looking for a gift that says “I like you, but I don’t want to meet your parents—yet.”

(clockwise from top) The Singleton of Glendullan single malt Scotch whisky ($45/Goody Goody), Diesel underwear ($20/Skivvies), Bella Muse greeting card ($6.50/Grange Hall), Kiehl’s Original Musk fragrance spray ($38.50/Kiehl’s), chocolate-covered cherry popcorn ($6.95/Candy Corn’s), The Padrón Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro cigar ($25/City Cigars, 3001 Knox St. 214-528-5700), Ashton VSG Series Belicoso cigar ($14/City Cigars, 3001 Knox St. 214-528-5700)

$50 to $150 photography by Elizabeth Lavin

$50 to $150

You can really see a future with this guy, and you’re pretty sure he feels the same way about you. He’s got his own ringtone on your phone, and you’ve got a toothbrush at his place. It’s pretty serious. Even if you’ve been together awhile—and you’re saving your pennies for a trip to Thailand next year—you still want to spoil your sweetie.

(clockwise from top) The Big Book of Legs ($65/Grange Hall), D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb candle ($135/Nest), Furni “Gator SE” clock in dark mahogany ($108/We Are 1976), Gucci by Gucci fragrance ($57/Nordstrom), Diptyque (RED) candle ($68/Forty Five Ten)

$150 and Beyond photography by Elizabeth Lavin

$150 and beyond

You’ve moved past the sickening nicknames (thank god), although you’re guilty of an occasional “babe” or “honey.” He’s your rock, and you still love pampering him, so he deserves the moon.

(clockwise from top) Louis XIII Cognac ($2,100/Sigel’s, Centennial, Majestic), Renzo Romagnoli shaving set ($429/Nest), Max Verre loafers ($725/Hadleigh’s), Hermés vintage pocket square ($195/Hadleigh’s)