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When Dr. Phil Called, Houston Newscaster Dominique Sachse Answered

Sachse didn't ever plan on returning to TV news. Find out what changed her mind, how she manages her busy schedule, and her thoughts on skinny jeans.
| |Photography by Trevor Paulhus
Dominique Sachse tv anchor
Sachse didn’t think she’d ever return to TV news. Then Dr. Phil called. Trevor Paulhus

When longtime Houston newscaster Dominique Sachse announced she was moving to Dallas, it caused a stir. This month, with Fanchon Stinger, she will begin co-hosting Morning on Merit Street, part of Dr. Phil McGraw’s new cable network based on a 5-acre campus in Fort Worth’s AllianceTexas development.

Did you move from Houston to Dallas because the Astros are no-good cheaters and you wanted to root for an honest, world-championship baseball team? [laughs] Hey, you are not going to trash my Astros. I’m sorry. And my Texans.

I know your name is pronounced differently, but please tell me you bought a house in Sachse. Yeah, it’s sacks-ee, Texas, and my name is socks-eh. When I anchored at KPRC, in Houston, I received one day in the mail a badge from the Sachse Fire Department, and somebody who worked there wrote me a really sweet note and asked me if I had any relatives in Sachse  because it was inhabited by a bunch of German immigrants, and my father was from Hamburg. I asked him, and he said no Sachses went to Sachse. But I live in the Mid-Cities, because I wanted to be in close proximity to work. I’ve got to be here in the wee hours of the morning. I’m leasing a townhouse right now, and I would love to buy, but I just don’t know where yet, so I’m figuring out my neighborhood.

You left KPRC in 2021, after 28 years in the TV news business, and created a huge YouTube and podcast audience. Why return to TV news? Anytime I would get asked by viewers, “Will you ever go back to news?” my answer was always no, never, I’m done. I’m finished. Because the news industry had just gone in a direction that didn’t align with me. I could not stomach where it was going. I mean, I got into the business to be able to present both sides and be a true journalist, and right now everything’s opinion journalism, and I just don’t like that. So when I came here, and they were talking about the vision of the news content, where they wanted to go, I thought, That’s why I got into the business in the first place. I love this service that it provides to a community. It’s invaluable. I love the connection that you forge with people in a work environment like this. It’s a rush, and to be able to do that in a live news format, it’s exhilarating for me, and I missed that part of the business.

How does your faith influence how you do your job? Everything begins and ends with God for me. I pray in the morning about everything. Faith is my compass, and it’s how I do everything in life—not just my job but everything. It’s how I parent. It’s how I approach friendships. I want to honor my creator.

Your son Styles is a freshman in college. Did he get a vote on this move? [laughs] He did not get a vote on this. This is Mom’s decision. At first he was like, wait. It shocked him, and then, when he came up here and he saw it, he said, “Mom, I’m so proud of you,” and my heart melted. So he’s excited.

I’m turning 54 next month. Any advice for dealing with fine lines and wrinkles? Get yourself to a dermatologist, and get some rest.

Have you found a hairdresser in Dallas, or are you going back to Houston every time you need a blowout? My hairdresser in Houston happens to have a salon up here as well. He’s Ceron, with Ceron Hair Studio. That was a big factor in the move. [laughs]

Skinny jeans: yes or no? No. There are two exceptions for skinny jeans, either tucked in cowboy boots or riding boots. 

“There are two exceptions for skinny jeans, either tucked in cowboy boots or riding boots.”

Even with the new job, you’re still doing a podcast, and you’re taking Over 50 & Flourishing on a live tour. The Dallas recording is in June. How the heck do you manage your workload? I’m trying not to think about it. I will find a way to strike that balance, but I know it’s going to be a lot of heavy lifting.

All right. Welcome to town, and screw the Astros. [laughs] Way to circle back!     

This story originally appeared in the April issue of D Magazine with the headline “Screen Time.” Write to [email protected].


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