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The Ultimate Dallas Safe House

Worried about chemical warfare? Fusion Security has the bunker for you.
By Bradford Pearson |

[inline_image id=”1″ align=”r” crop=”tall”]The year is 2114. A red cloud of nuclear smog has choked out nearly all life. Except for your grandchildren. They were protected by an Atlas Survival Shelter sold by the folks at Fusion Security Group. One hundred years earlier, Fusion had set up shop in the Cedars, plopping down a 50-foot-long demo shelter in a parking lot. That’s when you spent $78,000 on the corrugated-pipe house (not including underground installation). But your grandchildren! Your grandchildren would be safe! Damn the price! The home was filled with a queen-size bed, eight bunks, a kitchen, room for a 46-inch flat screen, and a decontamination chamber. You went with the 500-square-foot “home” version; smaller condos and cabins were also available, as was a radiation detector upgrade. Now you are dead. But thanks to your foresight, your grandchildren are the only living souls left in the city. Well, them and the irrepressible, indestructible John Wiley Price, who, unfazed by the red cloud, still roams the streets of Dallas.