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D Magazine March 2004


All Aboard

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Mexico’s Copper Canyon from the luxurious accommodations aboard the American Orient Express.
By Robert Fox

Boy Toys

Dressing well in Dallas is a must—even for a man. And the little things coundt for a lot.
By Stephanie Quadri

Kilt Joy

Strap it on, men! Plaid skirts are the hottest, sexiest, trendy trend going.
By D Magazine

Last Hurrah: Blinded by Science

A visit to a fertility clinic wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped.
By Tim Rogers
Cover Story

Not So Pretty In Pink

Shortly before Mary Kay Ash died in 2001, Richard Rogers retook control of the company he’d co-founded with his mother. Now his former friend and CEO, John Rochon, is suing for $75 million. The bitter lawsuit paints a not-so-pretty picture.
By Joseph Guinto

Publisher’s Note: Two Powerful Words

Downtown is doing great. But it could do better if City Hall weren’t afraid to use the tools the Constitution gives it.


Building a better boob, Tracy Rowlett on Martin Frost, The List, and more.
By D Magazine

Real Estate: The Hottest Neighborhood in Dallas

Let us let you in on a not-so well-kept secret: Shorecrest is hot. As recently as 2002, the average price per square foot in this neighborhood in the shadow of Bluffview was a mere $140. Now prospective home buyers can expect to pay $200. Here’s why.
By Christina Rees

Sharp-dressed Man

Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man. So, boys, get yourself a custom-made suit.
By Stephanie Quadri
Best Lists

The Best Pizza in Dallas

Inspired by the NCAA’s March Madness, we hed our own competition. But we didn’t pick the best basketball team. After we each devoured 69 slices (and almost as many Tums), we crowned the best pepperoni pizza in
By Nancy Nichols

The Waiting Place

In 2000 and 2001, award-winning local photojournalist Misty Keasler
traveled to Svir Stroi, Russia, and Tigru Mures, Romania, to document
orphans in their schools and homes. Far from being intrusive or
judging, the diplomatic Keasler let the images tell t
By D Magazine