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D Magazine January 2002

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The world changed on Sept. 11, and with it, we feared, went the Age of Irony. But just as we were about to pack our bags, something wonderful happened. E-mails cracking jokes about Osama bin Laden started to circulate. Then Laur
By The Editors

Demystifying Yoga

Yoga is the hottest workout in Dallas today. It can build your strength, better your balance, and increase your peace of mind. But how do you choose between Iyengar and Bikram? Before you twist, tone up, and transcend, take a few hints from us.
By Karon Karter

Gourmet Gamble

Central Market is no ordinary grocery store. It’s the ultimate food-buying experience, relying on excellent service and breadth and depth of inventory (read: high overhead) to be successful. But is Dallas ready for this food revolution?

Politics: The Fight for Mayor

We invited mayoral candidates Tom Dunning and Laura Miller to our offices for their first face-to-face encounter. Someone has his work cut out for him.
By Adam McGill

Pulse of the City

Carol Reed and Rob Allyn’s behind-the-scenes battle, Jewel’s Texas abode, how Dallas ranks (from dating to rodents), must-have blazers, and more.
By D Magazine

Spaces: We Are Where We Eat

Diners change restaurants like they change their clothes: to suit their moods. So to be successful, restaurants must satisfy more than just appetites, meaning what’s on the walls is as important as what’s on the plates.
By Virginia Postrel