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Sports Tech Exec Christiana Yebra Goes for Chic and Sporty Fashion

nVenue's chief marketing officer draws her style inspiration from Formula 1.
| |Photography by Monika Normand
Monika Normand

Christiana Yebra is the chief marketing officer for nVenue, a Dallas-based tech startup pioneering predictive analytics in professional sports. The company has struck partnerships with media brands NBC and Apple TV as well as professional leagues MLB, Nascar, and NBA. Its predictive analytics are also utilized for in-game microbets.

Here, Yebra talks about her style on and off the job.

What I Do

“My full-time role is with nVenue, we are a technology company that generates predictive analytics for live sports. You can see our content on screen on Apple TV’s Friday Night Baseball or in sportsbooks (not in Texas, yet). I’ve also owned a photo booth technology company for almost five years now. We specialize in 360-degree photo booth activations for brands like the Dallas Stars and the American Heart Association.”

Style Icon

“I’ve recently drawn a lot of inspiration from Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton’s approach to fashion is high energy, sporty, and surprisingly chic. I love that rather than dressing for the occasion, he dresses for how he feels. His biggest critics call his looks ‘risky’…as if he’s not about to drive a car more than 200 miles per hour that weekend. Hamilton and F1 broadcaster Naomi Schiff have both inspired me to introduce new textures, prints, and sleek eyewear into my looks this year.”

On the Job

“Each of my roles have crossover between the sports, tech, and event worlds. You can find elements of each in most of my looks. I recently signed a deal with the NBA so my sneaker game has certainly improved.”

Style Defined

“Sporty Shiv Roy. If Nike and Club Monaco curated a closet, it would look a lot like mine.”

Fashion Essential

“I never leave home without my Smartish phone case. It turns my phone into a sleek, minimalist wallet. I’ve never liked purses, and it’s forced me to keep things lean when I leave the house. And my nVenue poker chips always stay with me. I turned my business card into a chip for a more memorable way to exchange info.”

Go-To Look

“I work in predictive analytics, so my guess is if you see me away from my home office, there’s a 99.9 percent chance I’m wearing a tailored, high-waisted trouser, a long-sleeve body suit, a blazer, and a slicked-back bun.”

How I Accessorize

“It’s rare to see me without either gold hoops, my Yankees cap or both. I recently lost my favorite vintage Yankees hat, so I’ll be breaking in my new one until further notice.”

Weekend Look

“My weekends are focused on my photo booth events. We work with a lot of high-energy brands like Red Bull and the Dallas Mavs, so I like to introduce more playful looks with bright pops of color and a dope pair of sneakers.”

Favorite Store

“I love brands that focus less on a retail space and more on activating their brands in places where their customers live and play. My two favorites are Dallas locals. Women-owned PWR WMN creates blazers specifically for women that include real pockets! It’s rare to find business casual or professional clothes that are both stylish and functional. Kimberly at PWR WMN has mastered both. And when I’m not in a blazer, you can find me in any of By Way of Dallas’ recent collaborations! I love the looks the team designed for their team-up with the Dallas Cowboys.”