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A Visit to Leo Corrigan III’s Office

Inside the Corrigan Family Holdings president's digs, you'll find things like an ostrich egg, a crystal ball, and a boomerang.

Leo F. Corrigan III bears the name of his father and grandfather, two men who built a real estate empire in Dallas, developing or owning projects like The Stoneleigh, Maple Terrace, The Adolphus Hotel, and seven office towers in the city’s central business district.

After the family’s assets were split in the mid-1990s to allow the third generation to take control, Corrigan teamed up with his youngest sister, Alice Corrigan Carruth. They soon began to diversify, using top managers to invest in biotechnology, emerging markets, stocks and bonds, equities, and more. The company now operates as a family office, based at Harlan Crow’s spectacular Old Parkland campus in Dallas. Just last month, the siblings sold their last remaining real estate asset.

“Some days I regret it,” Corrigan says. “I look at the properties we once owned all around town, and sometimes have to take a deep breath. I grew up in the business—from hauling trash at the apartments to doing development. It has been a big change, but I think it’s the right thing to do for my family going forward.” 


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