Allison Branson Cook’s first job was at Branson Roofing in Houston. Shutterstock


What I Learned: Allison Branson Cook

The economic development director of Farmers Branch on her first job at her family's Houston roofing company.

“I was 15 when I started my first job during the summer. For a few weeks each summer, I worked for my family’s company, Branson Roofing, in Houston. I was mainly opening mail, organizing files, and observing how the commercial roofing industry worked. From the perspective of the owner of the commercial roofing company, which was my dad, it was a really big deal to be on time in the morning or to appointments to show respect. He was very relatable. He would see other people and make connections.

Working for her father’s commercial roofing company taught her the importance of relationships and hard work.

He was always putting others first. His behavior is what set the path for me to have a degree of excellence in everything I do, because I knew what his expectations were. He would let me see every piece of the business, so I had an understanding of how the business worked. He treated everyone the same. Whether it was the guys doing the actual roofing or the accountant, every person had great respect for him. It teaches you humility.”


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