My Toughest Challenge: Battling Cancer

Noelle LeVeaux, chief marketing officer of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, on the difficulties of letting go.

“When going through a major medical situation, it’s critical to be your own advocate. There is nothing more important than understanding what you want and expect of yourself. One of the biggest challenges I had was letting go. I had to put myself first—which is something I rarely do, whether it be my kids or my job or the city—but it was required. The situation really magnified the importance of hiring well and surrounding yourself with good people. You never know when you’ll need those people to fill in the gaps. There were also times when I had to say, ‘It’s good enough; we can move on now.’ Before, it was like everything had to be perfect. But the truth is, not everything needs to be perfect. That’s something about my management style that’s definitely different from what it was before.”


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