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“The automobile industry, I think, was much more stupidly managed than the airline industry has been.”
Robert L. Crandall, former chairman, president, and CEO, AMR Corp., on why the airline business doesn’t need a federal bailout.

“There should not be a ‘too big to fail’ list. No one should be too big to fail. If you fail, you fail.”
Steve Bartlett, former Dallas mayor and current CEO and president of The Financial Services Roundtable, on President Barack Obama’s proposed financial regulations.

“People in today’s economy recognize that going to the theater is the cheapest form of out-of-home entertainment; it’s good value for them.”
Alan Stock, CEO of Dallas-based Cinemark Holdings Inc., on why the company’s box-office business was up in the first quarter.

“He was extremely creative, a great motivator, and he loved excitement and adventure. He also loved to take risks. Norman turned those risks into reality.”
H. Ross Perot, founder of EDS, on his friend, the late Dallas restaurateur Norman Brinker.

“The crime rate is always too high, no matter whether the economy is good or bad. I think in a tough economy, people have a heightened awareness of crime and are a little more sensitive to it.”
Bob Allen, president and CEO of Irving-based Broadview Security Holdings Inc., which was spun off from Brinks Home Security last fall.

“The commercial real estate market seems to be eerily quiet. It’s the strangest market I’ve seen in 42 years.”
Craig Hall, chairman and founder, Hall Financial Group, on the slow pace of real estate transactions.

“Any time the dollar is weak, the price of oil is going to be strong.”
T. Boone Pickens, founder of BP Capital, on the relationship between energy and the economy.

“In my case, I am the landlord. So if times are tough, I can reduce the rent or go a month without rent.”
Phil Cobb, Dallas restaurateur and co-founder of Black-Eyed Pea, on his newest restaurant, Cobb Switch Barbecue, and why it pays for him to own the Cobb Switch building.

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