We Asked The Global Views Design Team Five Questions


Global Views “Neutral” room

I’m a big believer in the power of  accessories to totally change the vibe of a well-designed room.

It’s not really a stretch that the folks at Global Views are also believers in this idea. The Dallas-based company does, after all, make (rather fetching) decorative accessories. But in their latest summer catalog they took things to the next level by dedicating several pages to demonstrating just how much impact those pillows and lamps and rugs and accents tables can make.

The result, deemed “Color Refresh,” is in the photos above and below, wherein the Global Views design team styled three different iterations of the same room. The physical space is the same in all three, as is the sofa and the step-down side table, but that’s where the similarities end — the rugs, side chairs, art, accessories, and coffee table are swapped out in each iteration. The result: three totally different (imminently livable) rooms that range from the minimal organic-inspired goodness above to the bright, poppy fun below.


Global Views “Orange” room


Global Views “Magenta & Celestial” room

So for the latest installment of our “Five Questions” series, I sat down with the Global Views product design and development team to find out more about their process for using accessories and color to change up a space and what they’re digging in the design world of late.

Herewith five from our conversation.


JT: You guys have been traveling a ton lately, with loads of international stops. What’s inspiring the design team of late?

GV: Right now we are putting together the assortment for the 2014 collection, so I can’t divulge too much. But, we are always gathering smaller details from fashion and jewelry. We also always try to be mindful of injecting a classical sensitivity into any new product we roll out. There are also some really interesting shapes and inspiration to be found in food presentations and restaurants (or maybe all of us like an excuse to eat). 

JT: What are some of the trends you’ll be rolling out for fall?

GV: We’ll be introducing lots of tonal blues like Cobalt and indigo, splashed with brighter tones. We have some smaller scale furniture pieces that we are also excited to roll out.

JT: What’s the easiest way to add color to a space in your home?

GV: Many people want to make their big investments on quality furniture pieces, therefore they do not want to change that out very often. An easy (more affordable) way to update a room is with decorative accessories. Choose a color story that speaks to you. It may be bright and bold, or neutral and textural. Throw pillows and vases are the biggest color splash impact and are pretty easy to switch out from season to season. That said, a quick lamp change or switching up your smaller occasional tables can do as much for a room as switching out your pillows.

JT: Ok, but with lots of color how do you keep a space looking sophisticated? (i.e. how do you avoid veering into carnival territory?)

GV: We keep the same metal finishes from room-to-room for consistency and aesthetic cohesiveness: brass with brass, nickel with nickel, or an all bronze color scheme. (Note: if you do mix metal finishes, bronze transitions to mix with brass or nickel very nicely.)

JT: You guys are known for your meticulously merchandised showrooms. Can you give us some of your secrets? 

  • 1. Try to have a little variety in a vignette, a ceramic, a box, metal item (candlesticks and/or sculpture), wood and glass. Basically mix up your materials.
  • 2. Compositionally use a pyramid scheme where the highest point is close to the center back and you work your way down from there. There may be more than one pyramid and it may be asymmetrical pyramid which is also ok.
  • 3. It doesn’t all have to match perfectly, but complement each other when choosing a color scheme…remember there is always more leeway to the rules in your home and that is why makes decorating fun! what looks good is subjective.


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