The Fall Celebration Happening at EC Dicken

Big things are happening at EC Dicken in the Dallas Design Center. The formidable showroom has made room for a major textile department. Here’s how things happened: when the B. Berger showroom closed its doors last summer, a new door opened for manager Mitch Martin. The local textile veteran brought most of those lines to Dicken, and he’s taken over the entire second floor with collections from Gaetano, Dogwood, Groves Bros., Jacques Bouvet et Cie, and more. Studio Printworks stars in the wallpaper department. EC Dicken recently celebrated the arrivals with a grand party. Noted designer Ike Isenhour produced the showroom’s new look and presented his line, the Enjoyado Collection. But perhaps the biggest toast-worthy event of the October 27 fete was that the date marked Buzz Dicken’s 50th year in the Dallas showroom. The lovely affair teemed with supporters and designers who came out to celebrate Buzz’s anniversary and his great dedication to the industry.  Also worth nothing: the EC Dicken showroom has been integral to the Dallas design world for 57 years. FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS. Now jump for some pretty pictures of the showroom and pretty people celebrating. Photos by Ken Vaughn.