Friday Fun with ID Collection’s Jim Williamson

Hi. It’s Friday. You know what that means. It’s time for some words from our friend, ID Collection’s Jim Williamson. It’s a beautiful day. Driving to work, I had the top open and windows down while I sang along to Tokyo Police Club. I was warbling the lyrics “You traded me for a lump sum.” I think the actual lyrics are “You traded me for a love song,” but I like mine better. It’s not as bad as when one of my family members thought the lyrics to a song from the 1980s went something like “You left your Crisco on the floorboard.” It’s a Deep South thing, I guess.

Speaking of coming up with things, here is a new thing coming soon to Dallas: Seema Krish Textiles. From Bombay to her Boston studio, Seema is a creative force with purpose. She not only creates some awesome hand-blocked textiles with embroidery goodness in totally cool color palettes but she also gives back to society. The Stitching Studio, founded by Krish and Fran Slutsky, helps US-based refugee women from war-torn countries learn skills like sewing and embroidery on fair trade artisan fabrics from India. These are skills they can use to find their way in the working world. Profits from the products they make and sell will continue to support training for more women at the International Institute of Boston.

The textiles are also made via environmentally responsible practices like using low-impact dyes, baking the textiles with solar dryers (to set the color), and with water recycled using plant root systems for filtration. What could be better than getting a fresh new look for your home and helping others in the process? I think we call that a “what’s-not-to-love?” moment. Here’s hoping you have lots to love this weekend, too. Happy Friday.