I Need a Little Kelly Wearstler Today

Brass kaleidoscopes and brass bauble box by Kelly Wearstler for Bergdorf Goodman

So this morning, I was talking to Fort Worth designer Leigh Taylor about a neat project we photographed for an upcoming issue of D Home. She was telling me about how the Viceroy Palm Springs inspired a certain element in a room, and then I blacked out. Not really, but I did stop listening. I love the Viceroy. Like if I had to pick one of my top five places, the Viceroy would be on that list. I love the gardens. I love the decor. I love the pools. I love the snacks. I love the spa. I love it all, I tell you. Last time I was there, I  really tried to channel my “inner Kelly Wearstler.” Guess what doesn’t help channel Kelly Wearstler? All-day drinking by the pool. And on a day that I’m equally devoid of glamour and beauty (went to the gym, forgot a hairbrush, no makeup, can’t stop sweating, etc.), I need a pinch. So in addition to dreaming of the Viceroy, I also present these brass kaleidoscopes and the odd Adventurine Flouorite brass bauble box that are part of her collection for Bergdorf Goodman.